Khottie of the Week: 24/7

Posted by Alix on October 19, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Well, Graceful Family totally and completely lived up to the hype. It finished this past week and I eagerly consumed every episode as soon as it was subbed. It was so over the top dramatic and convoluted that I felt like I should be rolling my eyes in every episode but I never did. It had a main character who I’m not sure how you would define his sexuality other than that he was not heterosexual; and, a subtle romance between the two leads that developed from mutual trust, respect, and communication. And on top of all that the male lead was an actor I was unfamiliar with…Lee Jang Woo. And on top of that, he has one of those backstories that makes researching and writing these posts a little more dramatic and convoluted!

Turns out Lee Jang Woo started off his career as a member of a project group from Loen Entertainment called 24/7. The other members are Hyun Woo and No Min Woo. They released one song in 2009 (or that was all I could find on YouTube) and then disbanded soon after.

No Min Woo was the leader. He debuted in 2004 the drummer for TRAX and left after two years.

He’s acted in quite a number of shows (Pasta!)and was most recently in Partners for Justice 2.

The second member was Hyun Woo. He’s also currently working as an actor and most recently in Witch’s Love.

For such an extensive resume, he has done little modeling so not enough pictures for a solo post…sad.

And finally, Lee Jang Woo…he’s 33 and has exclusively worked as an actor since 24/7 disbanded.

Obviously, he would have been my bias in the group.

Isn’t he cute…and we both love ice cream!

And he’s tall.

And solid. 

Hopefully, with the popularity and success of Graceful Family, we will see A LOT more of him. 

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!









  • Reply Pamela October 21, 2019 at 5:01 am

    No comment on how Lee Jang Wook was the brother in Smile Dong Hae? 😛

    • Reply Alix October 27, 2019 at 1:25 pm

      Thanks for pointing that out. Haven’t seen the drama but you’ve given me another reason to watch!

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