Musical Monday – The Absurd Can Also Be the Awesome

Posted by SaraG on October 21, 2019


As a pretty simple creature, I will freely admit that I love the obvious. When I’m feeling romantic, I want to watch a nice Jane Austen remake, when I’m in the mood for horror, I want a solid ghost story. Things don’t need to be particularly esoteric for me to enjoy them – in fact, that can sometimes throw me off. However, I do quite enjoy the absurd when it’s done well. More than enjoy. Adore. 

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full Got7 comeback, but many of the individual members have been super busy either working in subunits or doing some solo projects to express themselves in different and interesting ways. We’ve all benefitted from them dipping their toes into varying projects. I, for one, still look at  Focus on Me by Jus2 (JB and Yugyeom) as one of the best songs put out this year. However, on October 18, the group dropped some teasers and the announcement that they are joining the autumn flurry of new songs and MVs on November 4th. In the past, I’ve been a little hot and cold with their music. It’s a major case of ‘it’s me, not them’ but it’s a real thing. However, after seeing what the individual members have been up to, I have to admit that my interest is quite piqued for this release. I sincerely hope that they’ve held on to all of the creativity and solid music-making that’s clearly being displayed and have made a case for why they need to break out of the trendy formula that they’ve previously been boxed into.

Jackson Wang, the Hong Kong-born rapper of the group, has been particularly active during the group’s downtime, releasing a hand full of solo tracks and an 8 song album coming out any day now. While Jackson is an insanely lovable and exceedingly attractive idol, I haven’t historically loved his solo stuff – it’s a genre of rap and hip hop that I don’t particularly identify with or feel connected to. It’s cool though, he should do him. Despite this, with each and every new MV, I make a point to sit down and pay attention. This boy has talent and I absolutely do not want to miss that moment when I turn into a huge Jackson fangirl. I know it’s coming. Or, more accurately, I knew it was coming. It might have come. 

Over the last week, Jackson put out a pair of super quirky and absolutely fantastic collabs. The first, I Love You 3000, a remix of the viral hit by Indonesian singer Stephanie Poetri, is a gorgeous little love song about a woman who knows that her man loves her and is going to propose but she also has very clear ideas of how she wants it to happen. The man in question, Jackson, proves his love by completely understanding her desires. The MV is full of lush jewel tones, retro meets contemporary styling, and crafting. And cake decorating. It feels perfectly silly and romantic, but also kind of real. Like the kind of love where we are always preparing ourselves to be a little disappointed because nothing is ever as great as it is in our fantasies – but it’s ok. 

I Love You 3000, Stephanie Poetri and Jackson Wang

The second MV out this week is Walking done with Joji of 88Rising and featuring Swae Lee and Major Lazor. The song itself is a solid kind of R&B dance hybrid that while somewhat single note throughout, kept me interested from the first beat. The highhlight, however, is the MV. It’s a King Kong inspired story starring a giant lobster attacking a metro area battling Jackson as our 70’s billionaire in a giant robot suit. Little known fact, I have a thing for giant robots. There is a sad backstory accompanied by male bonding and silly outtakes at the end. It’s pretty much life. 

Interesting side note – Jackson sings in both. No rapping. I appreciated this as he has a great voice made for some bedroom tunes. 

Walking, Jason Wang and Joji (ft. Swae Lee and Major Lazor)

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