The Mysterious Case of Season 2

Posted by Stephanie on October 29, 2019

Casting News

As much as I want to make this post about my excitement of the teaser poster for Kingdom 2 being released, I can’t. Though I am just that excited for the continuation of this excellent series, the only news we have is a teaser poster. Not even a teaser video. So, I’m going to be mature and move on. 

In other season 2 news, while I didn’t watch the first season of the Netflix variety show Busted, I know a few people who did and those few people are very excited that season 2 is only weeks away. 

Or a week and a half which could be weeks or week depending on how you choose to round. 

I was surprised to see that Kwangsoo wasn’t planning on rejoining the cast for round two, I guess he needs time for all that dating he’s doing now. But, I guess, if we have to have any replacement, Lee Seung Gi will just have to do the trick. You know. Sigh. If we have too. (That is, of course, a joke, I have many hearty-heart-hearts for Lee Seung Gi and his crooked dimple. That was for my friends The McFeeley’s who, as a family, may be the biggest Lee Kwangsoo fans out there and are probably devastated by the change. There-there McFeeley’s you too will grow to love the darling Crooked Dimple.) 

The most important news, from what I understand is that Park Min Young is back! It is purely rumors and tales of her amazing awesomeness and generall badassery which makes me want to go back and watch season 1. I like her so much as an actress, and I love the idea that she’s pretty fearless and smart in person. Perhaps that’s in her contract. “I’m sorry, I refuse to play the weak and the dumb.” Good for her.

Season 2, which, counting is 12 days away, is a mystery variety show where the cast of detectives is brought together to solve various crimes. Hilarity ensues. I assume. Otherwise, why would there be a season 2? 

What I’m most excited today, which realistically might have me jumping straight over season one and going right to season 2 is the list of guest stars that were announced today. Bet you didn’t think it could get better than Lee Seung Gi? BUT IT DID. We’re talking Kim Ji Hoon who I have loved forever, and when I say forever, Imean from like my 5th drama all those years ago. (Raise your hands in the air Stars Falling From the Sky fans! Tell me I’m not alone out there!) Despite my love of him all he does, I don’t really want to watch most of the dramas he casts himself in, so this will be my first time witnessing him in a while outside obsessively lurking his Instagram. 

On top of that, we have Jinyoung previously from B1A4 until he callously abandoned them to become a full-time actor? (JK JY, you do you, Boo.) This means this had to have been filmed a WHILE back, as he was sent off to do his military service in June and something tells me they don’t give military furloughs to film detective themed variety shows. It will be nice to see him in this little Easter egg of a gift he left to us while he’s gone. 

Let’s take a look at the trailer

Huh. Turns out? Lee Kwangsoo is in it. Weird as in none of the articles I’d looked at mentioned him as a main detective. I wonder if he’s a pop in? Either way, this will make The McFeeley’ very happy and really, that’s all I need. 

Looking forward to season 2? 


Okay. And because I can’t resist! Kingdom 2, March 2020!

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