Throwback (Spooky) Thursday – Let the Holiday Season Begin

Posted by SaraG on October 31, 2019


As today dawned, we officially kicked off the holiday season in Kpop land. What I mean by this is that Kpop loves the theatrical and any reason to dress up or theme something out like crazy and the holidays – be they Halloween or Christmas – are the perfect time to do just that. Their world is a stage and they love any excuse to make it over the top. The companies also really, really like to bring in the money and are exceptionally good at making and marketing new schwag to tempt us into paying high prices for basically anything that might make our little hearts squeeze just a tiny bit. And I don’t hate it. 

I mean, I hate not being able to get my paws on everything, but I don’t hate that they’re putting it out there. It’s a business, my friends, and we are the customers.

But it’s not just the start of all of the Seasons Greetings and fan songs and potential Christmas gift ideas, we also have the return of the great GD to celebrate. He’s back! Well, he’s home – hopefully enjoying a bit of downtime before we all glom onto him with our expectations of the million songs he must have written in the last year-plus he’s been in the military. But he’s BACK!

There are some superb spooky or Halloween themed Kpop songs available to us and coupled with the world-class styling we see in this genre, there are a million absolutely perfect MVs. But in honor of G-Dragon’s return, the kick-off of the holiday season, and one of the first videos that served to marry my love of the macabre with Kpop, I’m just gonna drop Monster by BigBang in this post and ignore any controversy or scandal or upset feelings there might be. It’s a conscious decision and I’m sorry if you’re a bit taken aback, but that’s my choice for today. All of the gross absolutely changes our relationships with the music, but it doesn’t change my id’s reaction to this song. 

Happy Halloween!

Monster, BigBang

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