Khottie of the Week: Lee Tae Min

Posted by Alix on November 3, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Today’s post is a combination of yesterday being Stephanie’s birthday (WOOT!) and, also, in 10 days I will be in Chicago to see SuperM (WOOT!). My excitement for SuperM has been mainly due to Mark…and the other NCT members…and the EXO duo… the debate over which lightstick to bring (NCT or EXO) has been a constant ever since we bought the tickets. I was not at all familiar with Taemin, other than knowing him as a member of SHINee. They were a group that was before my time, so to speak, but I am thoroughly enjoying being introduced through SuperM. Lee Tae Min, better known as Taemin, is a dancer and vocalist. 

He was only 14 when the group debuted in 2008.

Which puts him at 26 today.

I think we can all agree he’s grown up well.

I feel like most people know him for being sexy…

Oh so sexy…

Like this whole post could have been just sexy Taemin…

And I don’t think anyone would have complained.

But Stephanie was pretty clear she wanted a cozy post today…

So what the birthday girl wants…the birthday girl gets. Isn’t he cute all bundled up!

With those almost sweater paws…

Cute and cozy…

Cozy and casual…

Most importantly…cozy and comfy…

And who wouldn’t love cozy with cupcakes!

So thank you to SuperM for the introduction.

And Happy Birthday to Stephanie!!


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Choi Minho

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