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Posted by Stephanie on November 5, 2019

Casting News

While my acute Junsu obsession was a sad casualty to his military service, I still have a big soft spot for one of my first true Kloves. The story of JYJ and their struggles as they left SM was one of the biggest scandals of my early Kpop years. Remember those days? So innocent, not knowing that Kpop could reach in and rip out your still-beating heart. (Excuse me, I’m still processing Kpop 2019.) Which makes the news that Junsu has taped a pilot for a variety show for MBC, both big and nostalgic.

Yes, that’s right, not only is he going to be on a variety show, it’s for MBMotherFudgingC, not one of those tiny fringe cable networks who hoped to make enough waves by having him on but not waves big enough to incure SM’s wrath. (Not that we didn’t celebrate those milestones, too. It’s just, this is such big news to the older kpop fan.) It makes me wonder, is it because we’re so far away from what had happened that no one cares anymore? That the people casting these shows barely remembers the alleged SM ban on JYJ members? Could SM not be as powerful as they once were? They are currently facing a lot of competition from management companies who weren’t even on the horizon four years ago. These are all interesting ideas that make my story writing brain go all aflutter with possibilities.

Anyway, moving past what we had to get through to get here, to what here actually is, it was announced that a new variety show taped called The House of Sharing. This information is so new that the link friend of the site, Xe, sent me is only in Korean but here we go in an attempt to explain an auto-translated news article:

The show pre-recorded at Junsu’s house and is planning on heading back there for the main recording at a later date. The show is about a sharing culture, which, if I’m understanding correctly is sharing not buying? So does that mean that a bunch of guys go to Junsu’s house and he lends them stuff, pretending that in his heart of hearts he doesn’t know he’s never getting his shit back? I mean, that’s what I think when I loan out stuff. (See? Just this moment I remembered I loaned out my complete Vicar of Dibley series like a year ago. Dang it! This is the second copy! I lent out the first one and, you guessed it, never got it back. )

Don’t do it Junsu! Don’t go on this show and give away your stuff! It’s not worth it!

But then again, not only do we get to see Junsu on the main stage, but we also get to see his house, which means we also probably get to see all of his cats. That in mind, I really appreciate his participating in this style of show. Filming for The House of Sharing takes place with actors over one night and two days at someone’s house, which gives me hope its something like It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets. Pretty strangers being awkward together is always an entertaining time. Plus, Junsu! Perhaps this is exactly what I needed to bring back that Junsu obsession!

Congratulations, buddy! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying we’re all super happy for you. We know that it hasn’t been a great year for JYJ and I honestly didn’t think something like this would have happened at this late of date. I guess this just shows what hard work and perseverance will get you!

I don’t have any details or dates, but you had better believe this one will be going on the must-watch list.

How about one more Junsu pic, just for giggles.

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