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Posted by Stephanie on November 12, 2019


As I’m currently plowing through dramas (have you heard? I’m up to FIVE, FIVE dramas I’m currently simulcasting) You wouldn’t think I had any space on my plate for more, that I’d see info on another show and groan like someone offered you more stuffing at the tail end of Thanksgiving dinner. You want to, but couldn’t imagine putting another thing in your mouth. (We’ve all been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Turns out? I see posters and teasers for the upcoming drama Love With Flaws, unbutton my pants and say “Pass the stuffing.”

What’s so appealing with this show you ask? Frankly? It’s the posters. These brightly colored quirky posters of both the main couple and character shots have me hooked.

Luckily for you drama watchers out there, Love With Flaws isn’t just a series of posters, but also has a plot attached. This one gives us a heroine who hates pretty boys and a hero who is obsessed with looks.

Add some mix-ups, some wacky friends and let’s call it good! Are you in with me? How about if I tell you the hero, played by Ahn Jae Hyun is a chaebol with a past trauma that haunts him?

Come on! You love a pretty chaebol haunted by a mysterious past! Fine. Still not sold? How about knowing that one of the wacky friends is played by our favorite secondary character actress Kim Seul Gi? Who’s goal in life seems to be contrary to her friends, ie, find a rich husband so she doesn’t have to work anymore.

Who wouldn’t want a rich chaebol husband? (I guess that depends on the genre drama you want your life to be.)

I don’t think Ahn Jae Hyun has had a leading role since his, perhaps, misguided casting in Blood. I’ve liked him in a lot of the other dramas he’s been in, and kind of think this role might be perfect for him, a nice springboard into bigger parts. Fun and quirky (or at least from the pictures and teaser) with some dark. Fun and interesting both to watch and to act.

The lead actress Oh Yeon Seo has quite the filmography to her name, we’re talking 15 dramas with some movies on top of that, and surprisingly, I haven’t seen a SINGLE one, so I’m really interested to see what sort of actress she is.

Other surprises? Both actors are 32! I didn’t realize Ahn Jae Hyun was out of his thirties! This tickles my fancy even further thinking knowing the actors are a little bit more mature.

Oh! How about that teaser?

Okay, so maybe I was wrong about the mature thing.

There are two more friends, one, played by Goo Won who can not lie to his own past trauma (hmm…wonder if it has anything to do with our hero’s trauma?)

And finally, we have Heo Jung Min who plays a man who protects our hero’s secret. (Hmmm… there is a secret to protect? Are they going to pull a switcheroo like they did to the husband in The Lies Within? You know, the other drama I’m simulcasting?)

Finally, (I promise this the last point) notice how all of the posters have the characters tagline in a text bubble? They seem to be pointedly bringing in social media. I wonder if it’s going to play a role in the plot like bunch of the Thai dramas I’ve seen lately.

Anyway, Love With Flaws starts on November 27th. Just in time for Thanksgiving binging!


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