Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Is it Gauche?

Posted by SaraG on November 14, 2019


At some point, people stop counting their new child’s age in months, stop treating a new pet like a welcomed guest rather than a family member, and stop using the ‘I’m new’ excuse at work meetings when they don’t know what’s going on. Those things seem to happen organically and within an acceptable range of time so as not to drive those around them insane. I, however, tend to ride some things far past the point where they stop being funny or even socially acceptable. It’s not on purpose…but it’s also not completely not ‘not on purpose.’ I don’t always know what the rules are around things and as I dip my toes into creating online content or helping with other people’s projects, I need some instruction on the etiquette. 

For instance, today marks exactly three years since I wrote that little post about Dok2’s song Parachute for the blog and kicked off my nearly constant rambling about what’s going on with the Korean music industry. Should I acknowledge that here? Should we ignore it since three years isn’t one of those golden anniversaries people celebrate? I mean, if you don’t tell me which I should do, who will?

While you ponder that question and reflect on whether or not to get back to me, why don’t we talk a bit about what else I was listening to in 2016 when I was getting ready to embark on this little voyage down Kchat lane. Musically, 2016 was a banner year much in the same way this year has been – at least for me. All sorts of stars aligned and lucky pennies were tossed into wells and the right wishes made. On March 24, Dean released 130 mood: TRBL, one of my all-time favorite albums – a collection of songs I’ve listened to no fewer than a million times in the last three years. Every song is lush, sexy, and interesting. It walks the line between baby-making R&B and the artsier pieces Dean has favored in the last couple of years. 

D (Half Moon), Dean (ft. Gaeko)

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  • Reply Stephanie November 14, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    Celebrate EVERYTHING! Happy anniversary, we’re so so so so so lucky to have you!

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