Khottie of the Week: Lee Sang

Posted by Alix on November 17, 2019

Khottie of the Week

When I said last week that I had forgotten there were more khottie coming attractions in October this was another one I missed. The challenge with this post is that Lee Sang is from IMFACT, a group I know exists because they are on the top of SaraG’s list of favorites…but that’s about it. And because when I was looking for pictures on Pinterest I stumbled across a Lee Sang board created by SaraG, I am going to assume he’s her in bias in the group. Many thanks to KPopontheDL for confirming that the photos are right and if not, SaraG is currently on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic so if I make any mistakes there’s time to change them before she notices!

Lee Sang, stage name Sang, turned 24 on October 17. 

He’s lead vocalist and visual (but seriously what kpop idol isn’t lead visual).

KPopontheDL informed me that he has a beautiful voice so I had to check it out for myself.

Turns out he has ears…

Not those kind, the kind that stick out…and SaraG goes crazy for.

His hobbies are exercising and listening to music…sounds like someone we know. 

He plays the guitar.

Looks quite cute all bundled up.

Speaks multiple languages.

Per KPopontheDL, he has a thing for Ungjae.

He’s acted in some dramas.

You can follow the group on Instagram, @official_imfact.

You can follow Lee Sang on Instagram,




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