Musical Monday – Solo Growth and Development

Posted by SaraG on November 18, 2019


Way back when in October, I promised I’d do a post when the second half of Zico’s solo full-length album, Thinking, Pt. 2 was released. Today, you lucky gooses, is the day I get around to fulfilling that promise. And because I spoke a little about Thinking, Pt. 1 all those weeks ago, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that I am completely enchanted by the whole darned thing. 

Despite being released as two separate EPs, Thinking was initially billed as the first album released through Zico’s own label KOZ after leaving his previous label – Seven Seasons. In interviews, Zico talked about the release as his opportunity to show all sorts of different sides to himself – which one would expect and want in a solo album. Too much of the same thing is a bummer when we’re talking about 10 new songs. There is a mish-mash of styles and genres sprinkled throughout the two releases. To my ears, Zico isn’t particularly one-note to begin with, but he’s typically put out music of a very specific style and while he hasn’t left that style completely in the dust (see Daredevil below), he’s definitely expanded his repertoire to include more singing rather than rapping as well as full-on storytelling in his songs. 

And let’s get it out of the way now, Zico has a gorgeous singing voice. 

Daredevil, Zico (ft. Jvcki Wai & YUMDDA)

The other thing Zico has is a lot of is extremely talented friends and a reputation for being a workaholic perfectionist. These two things together mean that there are some pretty solid features on both EPs that I guarantee he didn’t have to beg for. Seeing names like Penomecco and Sik-K sprinkled across the tracklist makes my little heart flutter. But it’s also the well-known vocalists picking up the slack on the songs Zico can’t quite handle on his own that show much just how self-aware and talented he is as a producer. 

Being Left, Zico (ft. Dvwn)

I had the pleasure of seeing Zico on his kick off solo tour in the US last year. It was a thrilling experience and one that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. That being said, if and when he comes back and I have the opportunity to see some of these tracks live, I don’t know how I would be able to pass it up. And I’ve had to pass up a lot of things in my day.

I rate both EPs with all of the stars.

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