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Posted by Stephanie on November 20, 2019


There are some drama announcements you hear or actor pairings announced that make you sit up and go “YES PLEASE!”. Each poster, character photo, teaser, only whetting that appetite until, by the time it finally premiers, you practically are lathering at the mouth. On the other side? There are those dramas where, looking at the casting and the synopsis, you want to look forward to it, but all you can manage to put together, despite how much you try and force yourself, is a disinterested ‘meh.”

For me, Diary of a Prosecutor is currently that drama.

When I first heard Lee Sun Gyun and Jung Ryeo-won were cast in a drama together, the potential good drama tingles were there. I’ve loved these actors separately for a while. Lee Sun Gyun with his turns in Coffee Prince, Pasta, and one of my first Korean movies, Romantic Island, was one of my first real K-loves. (My first that I’ll publicly admit to.) He is a great actor, who can pull off physical comedy, drama, and romance with a realistic tone. He’s not your usual Kdrama hero handsome, but with his voice and his regular-guy acting ability, he lures you in and pulls at those heartstrings. (Gah, maybe I need to rewatch all of those shows again!) Jung Ryeo-won was an instant attention grabber in the bitingly funny History of a Salaryman, having many of the same acting qualities as Lee Sun Gyun.  So the idea of the two being paired together? SWOON!

Or it should have been?

Diary of a Prosecutor is about the real lives of prosecutors in the country. If I think back in my drama watching career, I don’t think we’ve seen dramas from that point of view before. Actually, usually, the only time we see prosecutors in a drama they are either the villains or getting in the way of the underdog police detectives, warning them off cases or swooping in to seize everything, thwarting investigations. Yep, those characters that make you want to pull your hair out? Diary of a Prosecutor focuses on them entirely.

I was concerned when I first heard about this drama that it was going to be a crime drama, one that starts out cute until someone gets tangled up in a crime, gets framed, and has to go on the run. And as I have my hands full of that particular plotline with The Lies Within, it’s not what I’m looking for in a drama. It didn’t help my desire to watch when the first teaser came out telling us…nothing. We get it, girl and boy prosecutors. But what else are you bringing to the table?

We then found out that the heroine was a hotshot prosecutor, best in her class, on the rise in the big city, until something happens and she’s shuttered off to the countryside, it sounded like every third Hallmark movie I’ve ever seen. Big City Gal gets sent off to the country, thinking she’s better than everyone else, instantly bumps heads with the bad-tempered local, until she learns the error of her ways, saves the town and falls in love. Of course, if this were a Hallmark movie, she’d also have a fiance in the city who she forgets about until it’s time for him to make an inconvenient appearance just as the hero and heroine get together.

Side note? I might have a Hallmark Movie habit.

Despite this? Still thought I’d take a pass. Then the next teaser came out:

Okay, so thanks to the shouting and the plucky music, I can see this might just be the slice of life/comedy drama I’d originally hoped for in the beginning. Could this be the  of the prosecuting world? Scratch that, Misaeng wasn’t that comedic. Could it be the History of a Salaryman of the prosecuting world? While my interest has been inflated a bit more than it was originally, I’m not certain this show is going on my watch card. Perhaps I’ll let you guys go ahead and report back.

What about you? Are you excited for Diary of a Prosecutor?

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  • Reply sadiesmith November 22, 2019 at 3:10 am

    Come on! You have to give this a try even if the only reason is that Lee Sun Kyun doesn’t usually pick a bad project. His last two dramas have been phenomenal, and I’m sure he had many offers before settling on this one. The source material is a best-selling novel, and like you said yourself, not many legal dramas have focused on the ordinary cases and lives of the prosecutors. It’s about time you give LSK’s new drama a try.

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