Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Christmas Shopping

Posted by SaraG on November 21, 2019


We are quickly approaching the end of November and for those of us that celebrate Christmas, this means we have to really buckle down and start thinking about and actually purchasing Christmas presents. Usually, I go a bit crazy buying a million things for the kids in my life and I spend far too much on themed out gifts for whatever they’re totally into each year. But this time around, I’ve taken a different approach. After much discussion with the kiddos and adults, we’ve decided to focus on experiences rather than stuff since they’re all getting older and seeing how much a pain in the butt too much material stuff can be. 

If you’re reading this on the day it posts, I’m actually in the middle of one of those experiential gifts right now. My husband and I packed up the kiddos and escaped to the UK for two weeks over Thanksgiving. We have several friends in England and Scotland and while my husband and I have both been multiple times, we’ve waited to take the spawn until they were old enough to remember. It’s not cheap and we want to make sure it’s worth it. Don’t worry, I’m still tracking all the new releases, watching videos, and hitting up Kpop stores in London while we’re in town.

One of the other big gifts that I purchased for one of my kiddos and my boy crazy, Kpop loving niece is a set of T2 tickets including a high touch for the first-ever Kpop concert in Denver. We’ve had some solo shows and a taste of Korean hip-hop in town, but never an actual idol show. As I’m sure you saw, Vanner, in coordination with Studio PAV held a nationwide vote to see who would host the group on their first US tour. Denver was all about it and we actually got on the list. So on January 22, friends are flying in from the places we’re normally forced to visit for shows and we’re all making a night of it. Including the kiddos. This will be such a huge experience for them.

Vanner, for those of you that are not familiar, is a five-member boy group on VT Entertainment that debuted in Korea on Valentine’s Day this year with the song Better Do Better. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have experience, oh no, that’s not how it works in Kpop. They actually performed over 200 shows in Japan through 2018 and the early part of 2019 prior to being officially released. Their discography is limited so I’m sure we’ll be privy to some covers and games, but I’m not complaining – it’s a local show. We never get local shows. 

I told my niece about the concert as soon as I had the tickets in my cold, little hand so she could revel in the excitement for weeks before the actual gig. Her jaw dropped and big eyes nearly popped out of her head. She looked at her dad to confirm that she really got to go to this concert on a school night, a rare occurrence for a fourth-grader, and with a nod of his head, she screamed. I don’t know, her reaction might be the best Christmas gift I get this year. 

Better Do Better, Vanner

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