Khottie of the Week: Yoon Jeong Han

Posted by Alix on November 24, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Here’s a new one for us! Miss Alix has requested the week off, but not without doing partial homework first. She’s collected the images of a certain k-hot-hottie and asked me to step in for the rest. Sure, sounds like fun! Then I look at the name and the picture and go….uhoh…who is this platinum beauty? Should I know him? Am I about to embarrass myself? Turns out, never fear, while I didn’t recognize this Seventeen member after one, two, three of the collected photos, once we hit long hair, my brain screeched to a halt: Hey! It’s Long Hair from Seventeen! Or otherwise known as, Seventeen’s Jeonghan.


Long Hair, otherwise known as Yoon Jeong Han is one of the few members of Seventeen where I look closely, go, I don’t know that guy, and then am able to pick him out.

Every group has one, don’t they?

That one you really have trouble placing?

The one who looks kind of familiar?

And you know you should know him?


And it irritates you when the name doesn’t spring to your lips?

And it’s that process of elimination which helps you finally place him?

Then, once you finally do have all of the members down, it embarrasses you that you couldn’t place them?

A deep dark secret between you and that group member?

For Yoon Jeong Han, it really helps that for a while he had some long luxurious man-locks.

Hence, Long Hair was born.

Shhhh…. don’t tell Jeong Han, it’s just going to be awkward when I finally hook up with one of his group members.

And our relationship is going to be awkward enough without any help from this bungle.

This probably wasn’t the post Alix had in mind when she was harvesting Jeong Han.

But what can I say? It’s too late now, suckah!


Joshua doesn’t have his own Instagram, however, you can follow the official Seventeen Insta Saythename17!

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