Musical Monday – Out of the Basement At Last

Posted by SaraG on November 25, 2019


Way back in 2017 I wrote a post knowing full well that I’d change my mind. ONE, the much anticipated YG rapper, put out a couple of songs with all sorts of high expectations – they were fine at the time and actually grew on me to the point where I purposefully pop them on because I crave them. I think that had he put out even a single song after that two-track EP, I would have become a huge fan. But no, he was shifted off to the acting department and pigeonholed by his good looks and burgeoning talent in that area. His music was forced into the basement much to his and my chagrin alike. 

Though he has seen some success in acting and is well known for his appearances on Show Me the Money, after his contract termination with YG, ONE was very vocal in the media about the fact that he sees himself as a musical artist above all else and has been dying to put out more. In July of 2019, he established a one-man agency and quickly followed that up with an announcement that he would be releasing a 16 track full-length album on November 11. 

And he did it. 

For the record, 16 songs – after years in the Kpop world where the EP is the standard – feels like an incredibly long album. I was nervous that it would be…well…monotonous. I wasn’t sure what he’d do for that many tracks after years of nothing. I was so nervous that it actually took me a couple of days to listen to it all the way through from start to stop. But when I did, I enjoyed it on repeat and was so incredibly pleased that I had. It’s a great album with enough consistency in style throughout that it feels cohesive and enough difference that it never got dull. It’s definitely an R&B/hip hop influenced album with rock elements…or a rock album with R&B/hip hop elements. There are romantic and interesting vocals, rap, and lots of guitar – not a common combination. Actually, the instrumentation and combination reminded me of early Changmo and we all know that I LOVE early Changmo. 

I haven’t found official MVs for any of the songs, but the whole album is worth a listen and I DID find a playlist on Youtube with all of the tracks. Take a listen and see what you think. Even if you’re hesitant. 

PRVT 01, One

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