TinCan: It’s Happening!!!

Posted by Stephanie on November 26, 2019


In a perfect example of never giving up on your dreams, it was just announced the Thai drama, Love By Chance, will have a season two, handily Love By Chance 2! Let the fangirls rejoice. Or, more specifically, let fangirls of the TinCan pairing rejoice as it appears as though the drama is going to focus on them this season!

That noise you’re hearing? That’s the sound of one very excited KChat writer’s squee of excitement.

If you’re unfamiliar with the original drama, it rotates around several stories of the BL variety taking place at a college. Our main couple was Ae and Pete, the main side couple was Tin and Can (handily nicknamed TinCan), then there was the brother storyline and the creepy high school kid lurking Ae’s teammate Techno. (Yep, it’s a year later and I still shudder at the storyline.) I loved, loved, loved this show and embarrassingly, probably couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it…or parts of it over again. While it did have some serious flaws, and characters with some troubling issues, it was completely satisfying.

Or, it was satisfying for those of us who loved Ae and Pete. For those who were rooting for TinCan’s relationship to work out? Sadly were left with their hearts broken…much like Tin. (Waaahhh poor boy!)

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of extra seasons, as I’m always concerned it’s going t ruin what I originally liked about the drama, but here? I have some serious causes for celebration. Firstly? Saint, who played Pete isn’t going to be in the drama, and isn’t going to be recast either. Why am I so excited for one of the main characters I liked so much in the first season not being involved? Simple. The likely hood of them going in and messing with my couple is much less this way! I hate continuations where they take what you love and break it apart, or drag it on needlessly. (I’m looking at you 2Moons2!) While I do think that Ae still has a lot of issues to work out (his anger and possessiveness of Pete, his unwillingness to ask Pete for help, treating him like an equal partner in the relationship), I’ll take the story I built up in my head of his future therapy and Pete standing up for himself over the possibility of the demise of their relationship.

Is it going to be weird one of the biggest characters isn’t going to be in the show? Naaahhhh…. currently airing is TharnType the Series, which is actually a prequel to Love By Chance.  While in Love By Chance, we did see Type pop in and out of the plot, we never saw Tharn, he was always simply on the other side of the quad or calling Type on the phone, completely believable for college life. Or, what could happen is the international student Pete, could be away on an exchange program. Totally believable.

The other great news that not only is the same director as the other series, it’s also going to have the same writer, which, if I’m not mistaken, is the actual author of the source material. Yay, continuity!

So, precedent.

Taking Ae and Pete out of the equation, there is still a lot of stories to tell. We have TinCan, which ended in heartbreak for one of them, frustration for the other, and tears for anyone who was watching. They still have some legit issues to work out and while in my head I always thought they’d figure it out, now I get to see it happen on the screen. Though I didn’t love the story as much as others, as Can’s screeching settled down and Tin bared his cold little heart, I couldn’t help but to root for them. Plus, we have added storylines of Techno and what happened between him and his stalker at the end of season one. Dude. Thai dramas need to learn what consent is. What happened there wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t cool, and it certainly wasn’t the start of a lasting relationship. It was rape. NOT COOL. Then there is the story of the two stepbrothers, who, while I can’t see them being together in the long run, I feel like they still have a ways to go before French Brother gets over his trauma and is able to move on, and Older Brother (I could go look up the names but I’m not going to) needs to let go and move on. I’m wondering if it will actually happen.

The series was announced at one of the lastest Love By Chance fanmeets with this trailer (fancam as its harder to get the fan material out there officially. Jerks.)


Yep, very excited for this series! It’s a no brainer addition to our BL and Bubble Saturdays!




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