TH_Hottie of the Week: Tay & New

Posted by Alix on December 1, 2019

Khottie of the Week

This past Thursday Stephanie and I decided to do things a little differently. Instead of turkey and all the other traditional dishes, we went to the local HMart and bought way too much meat and Korean side dishes. Along with a make your own bubble tea kit and many Thai seaweed snacks, BL and Bubbles: Thanksgiving Edition was born. And because we watched way too many episodes while eating a month’s worth of Korean BBQ it just seemed right to continue the theme into this week’s post…so much to be grateful for!

Meet New and Tay.

They’re currently reprising their characters, Kao and Pete, in Dark Blue of the many shows we’re simulcasting.

I’ve been a fan of New since watching him as a supporting character in Sotus.

New, Thitipoom Techaapaikhun, will be 27 in January.

After all the shows I’ve watched (and continue to watch) he’s definitely my favorite.

Tawan Vihokratana, known as Tay, is 28.

As Pete in Dark Blue Kiss, he’s usually angry…in reality shows, he’s a funny chatterbox.

Obviously my second favorite.

Their reality show, TayNew Meal Date, is delightful. It’s basically Tay talking and New eating…the perfect watching material for ones Korean BBQ Thanksgiving meal.

They’re just fun to watch together.

Both as a BL couple and as close friends.

You can find them on Instagram…New @newniee and Tay @tawan_v.

After this Thanksgiving, I am definitely looking forward to BL and Bubbles: New Years Edition!1A

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