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Posted by Stephanie on December 3, 2019


Recently I noticed my Watch Later list on Youtube has grown to pretty much unmanageable levels. You know the drill, add, add, add, forget there is a watch later playlist, then realize you have almost 200 videos sitting, waiting to be enjoyed….enjoyed or frowned at thinking “Why did I think I wanted to watch this?” As I like to share, I thought you’d enjoy another look into the brain of Stephanie, see what things tickle her watching fancy as I check off a few of these videos.

WARNING: Serious amounts of NCT, ATEEZ, BTS, and BL ahead!

ATEEZ Yeosang Savage Moments

Who doesn’t want to see Yeosang be savage? Or…who doesn’t want to just see Yeosang be anything? Obs the reason I must have put this one on the list.

Oooh, Yeosang is a salty bish! There with the snappy comment, always ready to annoy his bandmates. Is there a name for that member in a group? It seems as though every one of them have one. The Leader, The Maknae, The Lead Dancer, The Sassy Bish. As I’m partial to that member of the group, this puts Yeosang a little higher on the list for me.

[1STAGE] NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop (4K)

This one has been on the list for a while! I’ve always been a huge fan of NCT the group and their music, but it wasn’t until this year that I’ve actually had a desire to learn the members as people. Now I’m happy to tell you, I know all of NCT 127 backward and forwards, a good portion of WAYV, and some of the Dreamies. I love that moment of going back once you’re emotionally attached and reacquainting yourselves to videos. As I’m also a big fan of the Relay dance videos, I put a bunch of these on the list. This one is NCT U – Taeyang and Ten  – Baby Don’t Stop. I am interested to see how they do this with just two members. I’ve seen a Jessi relay where she had backup dancers perform with her, but I think this is just the two guys running around in a loop. Let’s take a look.

Okay, so they are cheaters. Big Fat Relay Cheaters. Dancing together, side by side (One dancing two steps behind the other doesn’t count.) Turns out though? I don’t care, this is a REALLY cool video. Don’t you wish they’d perform this at a SuperM concert? There’s no reason why they couldn’t, they’re both there. With Taeyong in NCT 127 and Ten in WAYV, it’s probably our only chance.

Oh, and their costumes are freaking AMAZING. Also? Now that I look closer, this maybe wasn’t meant to be a relay video. The thumbnail looks like one, but usually, if it’s a real relay video, it has it in the title. Whew. I hate cheaters.  One more thing? Per Cherry, they do this song at the concert! Why didn’t anyone tell me???

Jhope mentoring BTS vs Trainees

In case you think I’ve forgotten about my love of BTS with my push to expand my fandom, never fear! I still love BTS and J-Hope is still holding strong as my UB. Ahhhhh, Hoseok. I love that he’s silly and goofy but at the same time can still be all business. Plus, anytime I get to see him move, WIN. Here? I get to see him, see him move, and see him be stern with others. It’s a fangirl miracle!

Yep. I luf him. I’m going to be swooning for the rest of the night. Not only is this staying on the watch later list, but I’m also going to actively seek out more….because our love is worth it.

How This Korean Man Saved Over 1,500 Abandoned Babies | ASIAN BOSS

I’ve heard of this story before, or how they’ve tried to replicate it in other places and am super interested in finding out the beginnings.

Gah! This is so heartbreaking. Inspiring, but heartbreaking at the same time. So worth the watch.

NCT Jungwoo flirting with members for 5 minutes straight

Well, that’s an awkward segue. Jungwoo has been on my brain lately as it looks like he’s going to be joining NCT again in the new year. For those of you not in the know, he’s been out for mental health issues. I find him so lovely and adorable, I just want to gaze upon his face as he smiles and eats a sandwich. IE, I want all the best for him and really want him to be happy and for anti-Jungwoo fans to keep their mouths shut as, who can be mean to this face?

A Guide to some ships in ATEEZ

No lie, I generally attach myself to members of groups through ships, pairings….and if there is good fanfic written about the pairing somewhere, even better! I haven’t settled into my ships yet for ATEEZ, so getting a heads up on the popular ones seems like an easy cheat.


Hmmm….some of these I agree with, some of them I don’t. Some of these ships just seem like ‘Hey, I like you lets be friends.” or “Hey, lets band together against this group of idiots.”

ASK IN A BOX(에스크 인 어 박스): EPIK HIGH(에픽하이) _ Lovedrunk(술이 달다) (feat. Crush(크러쉬))

Epik High is so unidol like it always tickles me when they try to shove themselves into that box.

Okay, this might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, laughing out loud several times. I love their grownup biting humor. I feel like I’d love to just hang out with them. And I have to say, I’ve seen their Instagram and this has got to be the most flattering lighting EVER. I think I’m going to demand to only be photographed in that box as it appears to have the ability to take off at least ten years.

the story of mingkit [2moons2]

I’m always a fan of a good highlight reel rewatch and the idea that someone made it for me? I had to add it on. Surprisingly, I really liked this couple in 2Moons2. Or, I knew I was always going to like the pairing, I should say I’m surprised I liked the new Kit and his prickly attitude so much, as I’d been really attached to the original casting. But New Kit and Ming? WIN!

2가지 식감의 연유 초콜릿 만들기 : Condensed milk Chocolate Truffles Recipe | Cooking tree

Because life can’t be all Kpop and BL and the office Christmas cookie share is right around the corner, this video caught my eye. I’ve watched, seems easy enough to accomplish, but looks complex enough to wow the coworkers. I just might have to try it!


When a vampire’s too cute for you to slay | Clip from ‘Vampire Cleanup Department’

Not sure how it happened, but my Youtube started suggesting videos from Asian Crush with super clickbaity titles. I can’t stop falling for them! Watching these clips was how I lost two evenings to the Japanese movie series Fight of the Demon.

Dang it! They’ve hooked me in again! This clip is so freaking cute. She is not the sort of vampire I was expecting. Reminds me of the zombie from an older Chinese drama called We Are Not Human. I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to be able to find this on Youtube like I did the Demon movie. Though, now that I think about it, I think my Roku has the Asian Crush channel. If it’s free, I just might watch this thing tonight!

[WE ARE HERE IN SEOUL 2019] 몬스타엑스 JOOHONEY x I.M (주헌 x 아이엠) – SAMBAKJA (삼박자) ENGSUB

Not going to lie, it’s a rough year for Monsta X fans. The letting go of Wonho was a hard blow, one which actually affected my relationship with Kpop in a way that I’m just now starting to come out of. While I’m not ready to watch any Monsta X clips, have removed most of them from my Watch Later list, I couldn’t let myself remove this performance video. I was able to see them perform this song live and…it was mind-blowing. Lady bits blowing. Swooooon on the floor worthy. I’m so glad I’m finally able to find a non-fancam version of the performance.

I’m not certain how I’m going to top this performance, so I think I’m going to end this post on that high note. Which really, was exactly what my day needed.

Hope you’re able to take a look at your own Watch Later list and find gems of your own! Let me know if you think there’s something out there I need to check out!

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