Zombies On The Rise!

Posted by Stephanie on December 4, 2019


As we have two, yes TWO bits of zombie-related K-news, I figured I’d combine them into one undead post. ‘Tis the season! Or past the season, but who am I to judge when people choose to release zombie info? I’m merely here to report the news.

First Up? Train To Busan Two: Zombie Harder!

Or, the literal title, Train To Busan 2: Penninsula. We have a date for when this movie is going to hit Korean theaters, which hopefully means it will hit ours here in the States not too much after, August 12, 2020! Which, now that I type it out, seems way too far away, although considering the first one was released years ago? We’re closer than we were last year! Or the year before that!

For those of you hoping that the end of the movie meant that the army was on it, zombies were going to be wiped out and peace would reign over the land again? Hahaha, what were you thinking? There were some rumors that this movie was going to take place during the same time period as the first movie, just featuring a different part of the country, however, these rumors turned out to be untrue. What appears to be happening is, it’s sometime in the future, Korea is overrun with zombies, and the remaining people are trying to escape the peninsula.

Pennisula get it?

This makes sense, especially if you’re not going to have any of the same cast. It also makes sense considering the style of overwhelming zombification style the writer/director went with. Honestly, I’m not certain how anyone would be able to escape them in the end. They just moved too fast and the virus spread too quickly. If this is the case, I don’t know how they expect to escape the entire country. If the entire country of Korea is that infected, something tells me the rest of the world’s population is going to shut the idea of escaping and potential spread of the disease down pretty quickly.

This version doesn’t have the huge name, eye-catching star, which is a bummer. No lie, I got through my zombie fear for Gong Yoo alone. I’m not certain I’d do that for anyone on this list. On the other hand, I think Train To Busan got enough acclaim and ticket sales where it just might go to the regular theaters here. I mean, how did I find out about the release date being announced? From a regular Youtuber news show I watch. He’s been a huge fan of the movie and has mentioned it time and again.

Here, I set it up for the correct time:

If it’s going to be in a regular theater? Add the fact that I seem to have worked past my fear of zombies, I just might go see this in the theater. The first movie was so well written, heart, action, and horror all wrapped up together, I really want to see where they take the story. If they can make 2 as compelling as 1. I guess we’ll see.

The second zombie news? Popping over to Zombie TV, otherwise known as Kingdom, it was announced that the Netflix series Kingdom has made it to the New York Times Best International Series list for 2019! I love that this show is getting the recognition it deserves! Like Train to Busan the show was so twisty and well written. Anyone who knows me, who has read the site over the last year knows I’m a huge fan and can’t wait for the upcoming season two. Three more months guys!

It’s also been confirmed that Jun Ji Hyun, of Thieves, My Love From Another Star and Legend of the Deep Blue Sea is going to be in the finale of season two. While I’ve enjoyed her in the comedy/action roles I’ve seen her in, this will be her first historical and zombie role. Her role was kept such a secret that she filmed away from the other cast. Innnnteresting.

Oh, and while this news made me very happy, I can tell you that other Kingdom news? Didn’t quite excite me as much when I heard it. Turns out? We’re not just stopping with season two, apparently, Netflix is not ruling out a season 3, especially considering the secretive nature of the Jun Ji Hyun role. This means, once we binge-watch season two in one day like we did season one, we’d have to wait another freaking YEAR before we climb off whatever cliffhanger they will have left us on. Come on, guys! I liked Kdrama because we didn’t get jerked around like this!

This ends your Zombie update alert for the day.



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