Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Who’s at the Door?

Posted by SaraG on December 12, 2019


When a group or an artist puts out a new song and starts promoting it hard, we often lose track of the old stuff, the stuff that originally sucked us in. It’s kind of a bummer, I’ve forgotten some of the tracks that I swore up and down changed the very fabric of my being because I’m an easily distracted scamp with a lot of content shouting at me all the time. But luckily, because Kpop is constantly trying new things and starting new trends that everyone who’s anyone has to jump on, things sometimes burble back up to the top of my overly populated feed. 

We’ve had the relay dance, the roller coaster MVs, the eye contact version, and now, we have KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Thank you, mu:fully. This series, to boil it down, has an artist or group open a door to two of their greatest hits and their newest release so we can see them perform it in a plain old practice room and listen to their feet hit the ground and their clothes flapping around with the aggressive choreo. It’s basically what we all need to survive in this ever troubling world. 

The most recent version I’ve imbibed in was U-Kwon, the vocalist and dancer from Block B and the subunit Bastarz promoting some old-timey hits that we’ve been sweatin’ over for years – Zero for Conduct and NalinA – and his new release, Fuego. It’s a damned delight. It’s a solo affair so U-Kwon is surrounded by enthusiastic backup dancers while he charms us with his bleach blond hair and, as always, on-point styling and sense of humor. 

I also wanted to highlight U-Kwon here because he’s an idol that has somehow managed to stumble into handling his personal life successfully while still being in an uber-popular and successful group. U-Kwon has been in a relationship since one month after Block B debuted – that was in 2011, three lifetimes in Kpop time. His management and a few fans knew about the relationship for the first year, but he decided to go public after one year together…public. He talks freely about it. She talks freely about it. Yeah, there was a period of backlash, but they’ve been together for 8 years and seem to be going strong and their careers are, frankly, better for having each other and for not having to hide it. Score one for being open to letting our idols be human. 

Take a look at the KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK series, show our U-Kwon some extra love for being mature enough to manage his life, and enjoy the tunes. 

NalinA → Zero for Conduct →🔥Fuego🔥, U-Kwon (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Version)

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