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Posted by Stephanie on December 15, 2019


I’m currently ensconced in Vermont, home of the ultimate Running Man fans, the McFeeleys, I’m very sensitive to any Running Man news out there. I can’t believe we’re more than three years in and their obsession is still going strong. Their love and habit of Running Man is quite impressive.

As I’ve been here three days, we’ve watched an episode of Running Man, are about the breakout the Running Man game they created, and have had countless Running Man conversations, the news of the rumors about Ryan Reynolds going on Running Man have already been discussed.

What brought up this up? Recently the cast of the new Netflix movie 6 Underground traveled to Korea for it’s promotional tour. I’m not certain why everyone focused on Running Man as the possible variety show venue, I’m thinking it’s due to the fact that, historically, with Jack Black, Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg all popping in while in Korea, people just expect a Running Man appearance now. As the rumors and innuendo were all over a week ago, when the McFeeley’s brought up the idea, I nixed it — all, nah, if it had happened, we would have already heard about it, seen clips, ect. As we hadn’t, obviously they’ve missed their window.

Turns out? I’m not the smarty pants I think I am.

Not one day later, it was revealed that not only did they make time in their schedule, but they’ve already filmed it! From the teaser, I can’t tell if they are going to be there for a full episode or not. While they are given their own nametags, and word is the stars choose amongst the Running Man cast to make their own teams, the clips from the more physical activities only appear to only have the Running Man cast while the visitors clips all seem to be filmed in one room. Sneaky suspicion tells me this is just an elaborate pop in… but then again I’ve been wrong about this before.

Here’s the teaser so you can make your own decision:

I wonder how prepared the cast were for this? Did they give them a run down first? Had they known of Running Man? Or were the publicists all…”Look, there’s this crazy show, you’re going to have to do crazy things, you are going to look super silly, but the Korean fans are going to eat this shit up, just do it.”

Either way? I know of a lot of US fans who are going to be reupping those Viki subscriptions in order to watch!

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