Musical Monday – Count Me as a Lost Boy

Posted by SaraG on December 16, 2019


A few posts ago I had mentioned that Park Jimin, formerly of 15&, was leaving JYP and that I really, really wanted her to join Planetarium Records. The artists on the label were, obviously, perfect all on their own, but a bit of feminine touch might be nice around the place. Jimin is a powerful woman with an extremely strong voice and I thought she’d be a good fit. That being said, it doesn’t mean that she’d be the only good fit. 

I’d like you to meet Leenzy. Very shortly after I wrote the post about Jimin it was announced through social media that Planetarium was welcoming a new artist to their stables and that artist was the first female to grace their doorstep. I don’t know a ton about her – yet – but I plan to. They did a fab job of teasing her first release to include the traditional snippets from the video and some cover content to get us used to her voice. And what a voice. She has a deep, jazzy sound and it suits the rhythmic R&B songs that her EP, Wish Me a Good Day, appears to favor. She’s new to the label, but I guarantee that she isn’t new to music. The way she uses her sound and her body while performing is completely captivating and you don’t just fall into that with luck. That’s time, passion, work, and skill. 

I want to see hear her with Gaho. I want to see her on stage with Jung Jinwoo. I want to experience her blended in with PLT, adding a little something different to their sound. There is so much potential here I can barely stand it. Listen to the song a couple of times and then just think through how Villain might influence her sound or how she might influence his. I’m giddy. 

To be honest, I don’t know what Planetarium has planned for Leenzy, she may be completely solo and have nothing to do with the other artists on the label. But that, my friends, would be a mistake. They’ve made a name for themselves by having this fluid solo to group vibe and it would be a shame to have someone in the mix completely separate from that. It’s an opportunity to grow the family and I am hoping that once she’s established a name for herself, they take advantage of what they’ve got going on.

Peter Pan, Leenzy


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