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Posted by Stephanie on December 17, 2019

Casting News

….because it’s sure to be a weeper. Resident tear fest king Lee Dong Wook is in talks to star in a new drama, which means double duty for the popular star as he just started his new talk show. Someone’s gettin’ busy!

I was actually going to talk about another drama casting in this episode, but it will have to wait as while I’m super not in the mood for anything sort of sad. I’m telling you, if my eyes even get a hint of teary? I’m outta there. #SelfCare. But this drama? Oooh it seems fun!

We have a male gumiho (this is the part that Lee Dong Wook is considering at the moment) who is essentially the paperwork/cleanup department of the supernatural (not sure if it’s just gumiho) world. He essentially hangs around in the background in some neither region, waiting for other gumihos to do their lurid dirty work, then he goes behind and cleans up afterword, making like nothing ever happened.

Makes sense. Consider it. Gumihos historically go around seducing people before eating their livers. If my current rewatch of the zombie drama Kingdom tells me anything, innard eating is a very messy business. If you’re a society all trying to blend in with the non-liver eating masses, you probably don’t want that crime scene flashing on 20/20. I’ve now built the whole story up in my head from this alone. I love the idea (please let it be right) of a sad sack salaryman type character being surrounded by alluring, yet irresponsible gumihos, resenting yet wishing he could be them.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun time? And think about it! Lee Dong Wook could probably find something to cry about in that premise, so he’d be happy too!

Honestly though, I’m kind of surprised he is in talks to do a new drama. He really did just start his new talk show, and it’s been hyped a lot! Is it a limited release? Or will they record things on the side or in advance? I’m sure he was never planning on being gone from dramas for long, but it just seems really soon. Of course, this news could just be rumor and innuendo and I’ve just wasted several minutes plotting out a drama which will never be.

The drama is called Tales of a Gumiho, and if I find more information, I’ll definitely pass it along! Fingers crossed, I want this one to happen!

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