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Posted by SaraG on December 19, 2019



I know that I’ve put up a post about Pirate King before. I know that I talk an awful lot about ATEEZ. If you’re annoyed by that, please skip this post. Your annoyance isn’t going to stop me, though, because we have things to celebrate and this is the best way I could think of to do that. 

Kpop has a reputation in the US for announcing tours and shows mere seconds before the tickets go on sale and minutes before the show actually happens. For those of us on a budget, this can be a real pain in the ass. We have to learn how to prioritize our dollars without knowing who’s going to announce next, we have to get really good at finding cheap, last-minute plane tickets, and we have to find awesome friends in major cities or take advantage of some times distant family members to find free places to stay for the weekend – or the weeknight – for us and often for our fellow Kpop sisters and brothers. It’s important that we work on not regretting the choices we make and the things we miss. We’d go insane if we let it bother us forever. 

A couple of months ago we got word that ATEEZ was coming back to the US on tour in much larger venues then they’d previously performed. It’s not going to be the show that I missed in early 2019, with the small stages and more access to the members, but it’s going to be amazing nonetheless. As soon as I heard the dates and saw how they fit into my schedule, I blocked out my personal and work calendars and secured my vacation time. And then I waited. Just because the tour had been announced did not mean that the tickets were yet available. This has been an exception to that last minute rule we talked about mere moments ago.

We finally found out – after my extended trip to the UK, thank goodness – that the tickets were going on sale on December 16. That’s right, the ONE 24 HOUR PERIOD FOR MONTHS THAT I WAS SCHEDULED TO BE ON TWO FLIGHTS FOR A WORK MEETING IN ATLANTA. Seriously. But don’t worry, that trip ended up being cancelled last minute – for a real world disaster I had to respond to – with meetings. STILL MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO PURCHASE TICKETS. After extended coordination with the Kchat family, with my real world boss, husband, and other friends, we got a ticket purchasing plan in place and – drum roll – we all got VIP tickets. I may be excited enough to barf. 

It’s gonna happen. I’m going to see ATEEZ. Finally. 

Merry Christmas!

Pirate King, Ateez (Christmas Version)

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