Khottie of the Week: Kim Tae Hyung

Posted by Alix on December 21, 2019

Khottie of the Week

It’s hard to believe that in 10 days this year will be over and we will be left with just one last member of BTS to turn 24. Granted it will be 18 months plus before that happens but still, it seems pretty momentous when it feels like just yesterday they were barely out of high school. Sometime in January will bring my 4th #klife anniversary and these posts always serve as a good hike down memory lane…a good end of year activity.

Kim Tae Hyung, stage name V, will be 24 on December 30th…if you read last week’s post then you’ll know it’s the same day as Josuha from Seventeen.

Apparently, they’ve been wishing each other happy birthday every year for the past couple of years.

So cute…just like Taehyung.

I do love the ones where they poke fun at each other.

To me at least, he’s always had a somewhat otherworldly beauty.

Sexy beautiful. 

Almost too perfect beautiful.

There’s a tag on Pinterest devoted to headbands…he pulls them off nicely.

And of course, I always love these two together.

Black and white.

And vivid color…my favorite from my favorite BTS era. There’s that headband again. 

You can follow BTS on Twitter @bts_twt…here’s hoping they have individual accounts in 2020!


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