Embracing Christmas – In Any Form

Posted by Stephanie on December 25, 2019


I thought I’d take a break from Christmas merriment to wish you all a Happy Christmas! While I am a lover of the pomp and circumstance of the holiday season, the day itself is usually a day where I hide away, watch a drama, eat warm carbs in the form of my family recipe of mac & cheese. We all have our holiday routines. This year though, I took myself out the norm, marched across the country and wedged my way into a very McFeeley Christmas. This is a Christmas of non-stop holiday movies, a real Christmas tree, and a bubbling pot of Wassel.

However, it’s not as though I’ve left out all of my own holiday traditions. Luckily, as I’ve wedged myself in here, I’ve brought along several of my tried and trues. As I mentioned yesterday, the parental portion of the McFeeleys watched all of Kingdom with me, checking off my drama watching box. We also managed to watch the first episode of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets as I know in my heart of hearts, the McFeeleys, the kings and queens of cozy, would love this show about awkward nothing. While I’m not certain they liked it as much as I did, I’m happy to tell you, I found it just as delightful as I did during my first watch. Seriously, so much adorable cozy!

Talking about cozy, keep your eye out for future Kfood related posts as it’s a Korean foodapalooza up in here! Jami has learned a very important lessoning in regards to allowing her husband Sean and I to go to HMart on our own…no good can come of it. (And by no good, I mean no good wallet related news.) We’ve tackled Korean Nachos, Buldak (holy fudge this is good), Sean showed me out to make my own kimchi, we made a pretty solid attempt at Dragons Beard candy, and coming, possibly, Moon Cakes. Such a Korean food Christmas!

Then? Mixed in with Sean’s collection of vintage Christmas records, there is the non-stop kpop! As Junior McFeeley, Ryan, has some how (hmmm…I’m not certain how, glances to the left, glances to the right) is a huge Kpop fan, we’ve been working on some pretty fun kpop related projects. When I told her we among the Kpop Nerd Herd were working on our top 50 Kpop lists for 2019, she threw herself in whole heartedly. Don’t worry, I’ll share when we’re all done! Then? The nerds we are, we’re working on a spreadsheet project involving the Herds top biases. Sounds boring? It’s actually delightful. But then again, I’m pretty boring, who am I to judge?

We’ve also been sharing some of our more favorite kpop clips, I’ve been introducing them to the JCC (Jami finds Mark an adorable, delightful dork, just how she loves her kpop idols), they are trying to make me a bigger Stray Kids fan, I’m trying to get Ryan to be an ATEEZ fan. (Though honestly? We kind of got sidetracked at NCT. I can’t help it, I love them too and turns out? So does Ryan!)

I love that we’re mixing the old and the new, Christmas past and Christmas present. Sitting back and seeing how much we’ve come as people and friends sharing all the things we love. It’s the smoothest, most angst free, lovely Christmas I’ve spent in many years and I’m going to remember it for many a year…or at least until the stars align again and I’m able to come do this again.

And tonight? Mac & Cheese.

Happy Christmas, My Friends!

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