Khottie of the Week: Bobby

Posted by Alix on December 29, 2019

Khottie of the Week

I think one of the main reasons iKON resonated with me was their will to keep fighting, even when the odds seemed never in their favor. Granted I’m slightly biased…but they did go through not one, but two, pretty brutal survival shows before they debuted. To me, they’ve always been a group of very talented misfits, struggling to find their identity and always standing just slightly outside the traditional idol mold. As seems to be the theme of this past year, they were just hitting their stride when it fell apart in June. 2019 was a year of heartbreak, loss, acceptance, miracles and second chances. Hopefully, along with the remaining members of iKON, I’m ready to dust myself off, move forward, and hope that 2020 and beyond is always a bit more sweet than bitter. 

Bobby’s Korean name is Kim Ji Won but you really never hear it unless you read fanfic or pay close attention for the occasional slip in iKON group videos.
He turned 24 on December 21.

He lived for a number of years in the US so is comfortable speaking English.

He is a very talented and successful rapper, having won Show Me the Money 3.

He released a solo album in 2017…Love and Fall…well worth a listen.

I love Bobby solo but even more as part of Double B, with Hanbin. Sadly, we were promised a release from the duo this past spring but for obvious reasons, it didn’t happen. Bobby posted on Instagram for Hanbin’s birthday in September and I hope that one day we at least see Double B together again. 


I saw iKON for a way to short but amazing moment at a festival in August and Bobby was electric on stage.

He’s not afraid to put it all out there.

In so many…

Sexy ways.

And for those of you who love tattoos…

And he has a smile that lights up any room.

How can you not want to smile back?

And the posts of him with his nephew on Instagram…adorable.

Oh…and he cleans up nice too.

Did I mention the glasses?

A fan of this look too.

You can follow him on Instagram @bobbyindaeyo.

Always iKONIC.


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