Junior McFeeley’s Top 50 Songs of 2019

Posted by Junior McFeeley on December 31, 2019


A Note From Stephanie: As previously mentioned, I firmly planted myself for the holiday season in Vermont with our good friends The McFeeleys. I’ve had the pleasure/shame of turning the entire family into rabid Korean fans and none more so than their beloved daughter, Junior McFeeley. When I mentioned those of us amonst the Kpop Nerd Herd were each working on our own top 50 songs of 2019, it seemed only fitting that Junior McFeeley join in. She took her job VERY seriously, weighing and ranking all of her songs, fending off Stray Kid suggestions from her father. We’re so pleased and honored to introduce to you Junior McFeeley! <3 <3 <3 

Hello, I’m Junior McFeeley, or Ry if you know me.

This is my first post, and I thought it would be fun to do a top 50 songs list. Also, I at least think I have kind of a weird/random taste in music so I wanted to see just how weird and random my taste is! So here it is! These are my top 50 songs (which are ranked by the way) from 2019!

50) Mixtape #3-Stray Kids

I really love the way the chorus sounds in this song, and how relaxing/calm the song is!

49) Fancy-Twice

This song is a bop. Super catchy. Super fun. I love it.

48) Illusion-Ateez

I guess I just like the way this song sounds. I don’t really know why. I just really like it.

47) Above The Time-IU

I love IU. SO MUCH. Anything she releases I’m pretty much guaranteed to love. This song is kind of weird to me, and I was definitely surprised, and that’s why I think I like it so much, because it’s something new, and a little odd at parts.


Taeyeon is my Girls’ Generation bias. I love her voice. It’s AMAZING. So I was kind of set up to like this song… it’s really good. 🙂

45)Follow-Monsta X 

Super catchy song. I tend to love catchy songs. Then again I tend to love most k-pop songs. Anyway, this song made I.M my bias because now we have Jealousy’s “Ratatata” and now an “Ay ay ay”. Also, he’s funny. It’s too much.


This just sounds really cool.

43) Jopping-SuperM

I think… my favorite thing… about this song is… how easy it is to sing along. There’s a lot of English. That, or the fact that I have 3 different biases in this group from the 3 different bands that make up this band.

42) Miroh-Stray Kids

This is one of the songs that I would HAVE to get up and dance to if I heard it at a party. (Not only because it would probably be a party of only American pop songs). It’s VERY dancey. I love dancing. It works.

41) 2 Fast-SuperM

Personally, this is my favorite of the SuperM songs. It is beauty.

40) Victory Song-Stray Kids

Many of my inside jokes with my friends have formed from this song. Therefore it deserves to be on this list.

39) Play It Cool-Steve Aoki & Monsta X

This song is very fun. I.M needs/deserves more lines. I LOVE Jooheon’s parts.

38) Chicken Noodle Soup-J-Hope ft. Becky G

When I first heard this song, my mom played it basically as soon as I woke up (without the video). While I usually just kick my blankets and try to go back to sleep after she plays music to wake me up, this time I was like “WHAT?!?!”. I then watched it on the TV in my living room, which left me more confused so I shouted “WHAAAT?!?!”. Anyway, I love this song.

37) Zimzalabim-Red Velvet

I was obsessed with this song FOR MONTHS! Although, it did low-key give me nightmares… IT’S STILL AMAZING THOUGH!!!

36) Icy-Itzy

Same story for this one basically, but this one didn’t scare me in any way.

35) Blueming-IU

More IU. I idolize her. She’s great. The captions on the video make me laugh, because some of it doesn’t make sense. Not sure if they are the actual lyrics or not, but they’re funny. Also, it’s just a good song overall.

34) Money-Dawn

It took me a while to like this song, I had to get used to it, kinda like Exo’s Kokobop. But now I love it, and continuosly listen to it!


Yes, I know, it is another IU song. But I promise it’s the last one. This song i think is amazing, because it’s a really happy song about being sad. Also, it’s by IU.

32) Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?-TXT

This is a weird song, but I love the title, the lyrics, the way it sounds, the band, basically everything. It’s a cool song.

31) Blue Orangeade-TXT

Because more TXT! No but really, I love TXT, and this song is really funny and sounds really good to me, both for no apparent reason. It’s just good, ok?

30) Flower Shower-HyunA

HyunA is a queen first of all. I love HyunA! She is FABULOUS and AMAZING! So naturally, I love this song. It’s good, and very different for HyunA. Also, I was impressed with the lack of butt in the video!

29) Lalalay-Sunmi

A queen to follow up a queen. I legit was singing the bridge to this FOR WEEEEKS. No regrets. Great song. Any time me or a friend hears “La” usually we’d probably go to “LALALALALALALALALALALALAY!” There are some other though. This is a great song none the less.

28)Bomb Bomb-KARD

I love Kard. And this was my first Kard song that got me started off on my small little Kard obsession. So of course it has to be on the list!!! Good job Kard! you did it! You made me fall in love with your band! Congratulations!

27) Dionysus-BTS

Yay! First song on the list that’s by my bias group!!! 🙂 This song, I felt, did not really fit with the rest of the songs on Map of the Soul:Persona. That did not stop it from being 100% amazing though! If you haven’t seen the performance version go watch that, because it’s amazing, and will blow you away, and I’m only putting in the music for it, sorry.

26) Girls Like Us-Twice

Fancy You is SUCH a great album. Except there is one song that I don’t like on it-but besides that its a great album. This is definetly my favorite song off that album, and if Fancy goes on here then…

25) Who Do U Love?-Monsta X ft. French Montana

This is a REALLY catchy song. I love it. That’s all I have to say.

24) Gogobebe-Mamamoo

This video made me choose my bias. At the end of the bridge, Hwasa says something. I don’t know what it was, but it sounded SO COOL. From that day on I was like “WHOEVER THAT IS, SHE’S MY BIAS!”. Turns out it’s Hwasa. Thank you Hwasa!

23) A Brand New Day-BTS (V, J-Hope) ft. Zara Larsson

When this song plays, I immediately have to shift all of my attention to it, and nearly scream the lyrics. Without saying, I am obsessed with this song.

22) Crash And Burn-Got7

This also started an inside joke, and if it is joke worthy it is amazing and praised by me, so here we go.

21) Kill This Love-Blackpink

This is such a good song, and once I was screaming this song once, and didn’t even realize it, because it’s just. That. Good. Unrelated note: I heard an instrumental cover in science class once, and I nearly screamed.

20) Twit-Hwasa

Thanks to Gogobebe, this song is even more awesome! Because it’s by my bias!!!! Her voice is great, the song is great, the lyrics are great, it’s an overall WIN.

19) Piri-Dreamcatcher

I honestly don’t remember how I found this song, but when it was in my head for a full day I was just thinking: THIS IS FABULOUS!!!

18) In And Out-Red Velvet

The first time I heard this song, it blessed my ears and I was in love and I can not stop listening to it and oh my god I love it so much I-

17) Bullet To The Heart-Jackson Wang

I swear, the more I listen to this song, the more I love it. The M/V is a work of art too. It’s all beautiful.

16) Congratulations-Eric Nam ft. Marc E. Bassy

The lyrics sound so powerful to me, and the way the music sounds-it’s so-beautiful and amazing and-overwhelming and I love it all!

15) Birthday-Somi

First of all, I was really late to listen to this song. It was released in the beginning of June, and on October 31st I finally watched it…. So anyway, it’s really poppy and easy to sing along to and I love it A LOT!

14) Wave-Ateez

This song is SO fabulous and purely based on voice this song made me love Mingi. This song is also the song that made me officially really like Ateez. And, it say “HAKUNA MATATA YA” what is there not to love?

13) Don’t Know What To Do-Blackpink

Yet again, it took me a while to get into this song. For some reason, all it took was Bongo Cat for me to fall in love with it.

12) Valkyrie-Oneus

Funny story: I was watching a dumb BTS video, and it made a joke about how it sounded like they were saying microwave in this song, so I searched “Microwave K-Pop Song” in YouTube, and miraculously, it was the first thing that popped up. Sorry that wasn’t actually that funny. Anyway, I love this song now!!!

11) Obsession-Exo

This song is SO WEIRD and that makes me LOVE IT EVEN MORE for some strange unknown reason. The video’s even weirder though and I still like that so, oh well.

10) Run Away (9 3/4)-TXT

Welcome back TXT! I LOVE the chorus in this song. Why? I don’t know. But I love it. And can I just take a moment, to talk about how many different k-pop artists released song called Run Away this year? at least from what I’ve seen there was 7. Anyway this song’s amazing.

9) You Calling My Name-Got7

This song is very different from other songs I’ve heard (mostly at the chorus). That small amount of change is enough for that when I start hearing the song I’m like “What? Ok! This song! Let’s go!!”. Great song. Also, the very beginning of the video is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

8) Jamais Vu-BTS

For some reason, since I heard this song I’ve been in love with it. It’s just such a great song to sing… really really loudly! I love it!

7) Psycho-Red Velvet

I know this was really recent… and there’s a lot of Red Velvet on this list… but I couldn’t resist. It’s a great song. The teasers lead me to believe it was going to be terrifying. But those were the only things that made me scared. It wasn’t scary at all sadly, but it was still really good.

6) Thursday-Got7

I also understand there has been a lot of Got7. BUT. This is my favorite Got7 song. Not just off the album. But my actual favorite. I like the way it sounds, and I like the lyrics, and I like everything about it, and I kind of want it to get it’s own music video, even though it’s not the title track.

5) Love Foolish-Twice

I just realized how many of these songs are like… in the middle of the albums… oh well! This is my favorite Twice song… I think. I’m not sure. It’s amazing though. And the bridge, ooh. So good. I’m glad Chaeyoung finally got more lines.

4) Savage-A.C.E

So, I’ve never heard an A.C.E song before this, but the moment I heard this song I put it on my list. It’s SO good. And hey! It made #4!

3) Flash-X1

The M/V for this goes very well with the music, or, at least the title. I found the song, as a YouTube add actually. It was trying to get me to subscribe to Stone Entertainment’s channel. after the add (which I watched all the way through) I immediately looked up X1 because I fell. In. Love. With this song. Thank you YouTube adds!

2) Sweet Chaos-Day6

I’m a huge fan of Day6. I love their music. They have a different style of music than most groups, and I like that. This song, is probably my 3rd favorite song by them. It’s ART. The lyrics are BEAUTIFUL, and the melody is wonderful. I can’t get enough of this song, it’s so great.

1) Lights-BTS

Yes, here it is. My favorite song of 2019! I honestly didn’t think I like this song as much as I do, but I mean, it’s #1 so…. I like to listen to this song when I’m sad, or tired of people or something. It makes me happier. It is really easy to sing along to, and the video is VERY cool. It’s weird that I like it so much, because for some reason, I usually prefer their Korean songs over their Japanese songs, but that’s ok! I still love this more!

BONUS SONG!!!! Face-Woosung

Yes, I know. Technically this makes 51. But I found this song a little too late for it to make the list, but it’s so good I had to add it anyway! It’s SO catchy, and I could probably listen to it 20 times a day. It’s just that good.


If you want, here is the full list in Youtube Playlist form:

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