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Posted by Stephanie on January 7, 2020

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It was only a while ago, I was having a conversation with someone about 2PM, you know, as you do, and thought to myself, “Hey, didn’t Taec get out of the military? Shouldn’t he have been in something by now? Or did he just decide to stay in there?” Turns out, I’d missed a few announcements.

No, Ok Taecyeon didn’t decide to just keep serving. This was, of course, a jest. He worked so hard in order to be eligible to serve, almost becoming legendary in his attempts to fix everything that was physically wrong with him (being an idol is hard on the body), giving up his dual citizenship, everything he could in order to make it past the draft boards. This boy wanted to serve and he wanted it bad. And all his hard work paid off! He got into the military and from everything that I understand, became a model soldier.

But now he’s out!

Not only is he out, but he has a new drama, set to hit us at the end of the month! Oooh, just in time for Cherry Cordial’s first visit to Colorado, perhaps we should watch together?

Anyway, the drama is called The Game: Towards Midnight and is about a man who, by looking into someone’s eyes, can see exactly when they are going to die. This kind of reminds me of the other kdrama, Black, which I’m hoping this is better than, as I bailed on that after one or two episodes. (Gah, the heroine was ghastly.) He can see incoming death but apparently, he doesn’t let it color the rest of his life. Oooh, perhaps it could be more like that other paranormal show I watched on Netflix. Psych or something like that? She could see ghosts and then the detective she kept bumping into could? She was just a kick-ass character, I loved it, but I bailed after someone spoiled the ending for me. Bummer.

I guess I’m saying, this isn’t a new and unique premise, but it can be done in different and sometimes effective ways. Someone sees death/ghosts and the other side of the couple is a gruff, disbelieving detective. Every. Single. Time. I do like the idea of this time the character who can see the death/ghosts doesn’t let it destroy their lives. Ugh, in Black, if I had to hear about the heroine whine about her being the cause of someone’s death because she couldn’t fix the problem I was going to drop the drama. Which I did.

As I said, he’s going to be the death see-r which means our heroine will be the detective who will be played by Lee Yeon Hee. I hate to say this but I always have to Google to remember what she’s been in that I’ve seen EVERY time she’s brought up. Answer? The Package, Ghost, and Miss Korea. All in all, I’ve actually enjoyed her in what shows I’ve seen her in, especially Miss Korea. (Remember that one? It was a while back with Lee Sun Gyun about the start of the Korean beauty product revolution.) Put her with Taecyeon, who is a pretty solid actor himself, and we’re probably in for a pretty solid show.

Depending on how they take that death seeing thing….

We do have a trailer, let’s take a look:

  1. it’s possible Taecyeon has gotten more attractive. Or, I should say it’s probable. He has just been released from the military which has has a proven track record of hottening people up.
  2. Yep, this has the looks of a thriller.
  3. Even though it’s a thriller, the trailer isn’t as…intense as I thought it would be for something with such a buildup. Everywhere you read it’s talking about the twist and turns of the plot, the thrilling story filled with hidden secrets. It might be just me, but I was expecting more from the teaser. I had nary a shudder not a tiny gotta watch it tingle.

We have another one, let’s give that a try:

Well, that’s a little better.

I’m glad to see that Taec is back! As his other members who had to do military service are still in there until 2021, it will be a while before we get more 2PM music, but to me, that’s okay, I’ve always been more of an actor Taec fan anyway.

The Game: Towards Midnight hits the tv screens 1/22, so we still have some time to either make up our minds, or for the show to come out with more teasers to fully lure us in.


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  • Reply SpiceAngel January 7, 2020 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for the update! I have had a dry spell in my Kdrama watching and look forward to a new show. I have always enjoyed his acting.

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