Khottie of the Week: Coming Attractions

Posted by Alix on January 11, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Another year, another set of khottie eligibles! For those of you not familiar with the khottie rules and regulations, there is a requirement that individuals must be 24+ for a solo feature, so each new year brings a new class of khotties. This is not an exhaustive list and please feel free to share in the comments. Happy Khottie New Year!

2020 starts off big with the birthday of WayV’s Kun…literaly on January 1st (guess who will be featured next week!).

He shares January with I.M from Monsta X.

And Jennie from Blackpink.

February brings love for many in the form of NCT’s Doyoung…

And Ten.

March roars in like a lion with Astro’s Jin Jin.

And my Pentagon bias Yeo One.

And adorable Handong from Dreamcatcher.

It wouldn’t have been right to miss the May birthday of VAV’s Anyo.

Nor of Upt10tion’s Kogyeol. 

Nor Jaehwan, formerly of Wanna One.

June is filled with flowers and Seventeen’s Hoshi…

And his fellow member Jun.

July fireworks celebrate the birthday of my SF9 bias Zuho.

And of Seventeen’s Wonwoo.

August is hot and steamy with SF9’s Rowoon.

And Up10tion’s Bitto.

Falling leaves in September surround GOT7’s Youngjae.

And flutter past Red Velvet’s Joy.

Scary Halloween pumpkins light up for Zelo’s October birthday.

And for Pentagon’s Yanan.

We give thanks in November, especially Stephanie, for Seventeen’s Woozi. It’s a busy month for Twice with Jeongyeon.

And Momo.

Holiday lights twinkle for the December birthday of Kang Daniel.

And Twice’s Sana.











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