Bad Boy Lee Joon Ki

Posted by Stephanie on January 15, 2020

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When I first heard about this new show of Lee Joon Gi’s I thought thriller, rolled my eyes, and almost moved on. It was only in honor of my friend Regina’s love for him that I kept researching. (Actually, if you could not mention I rolled my eyes at the love her Boo has for thrillers I don’t want to watch, that would be great.) Man, am I glad I kept going, Flower of Evil sounds AMAZING.

First off, it looks like Lee Joon Gi plays a bad guy…and not the “irritating bad boy chaebol hero who will rehabilitate once he catches a glance at the heroine in a certain light” bad guy. Nope, his character, Baek Hee Sung, is a full-on psychopathic killer! See? I bet you became more interested in the drama as soon as you read that, too. His full character is a mild-mannered metal worker by day with a wife and kids but by night? (Or whenever it is he chooses to do his nefarious deeds.) A straight-up killer.

Can you imagine Lee Joon Gi as a killer? Are you fanning yourself right now, too?

His wife will be played by Moon Chae Won, who will not know who exactly it is that she married. Not only will she not know her bed partner likes to end people, but she’s also a police detective who I imagine will be hot on his trail. Apparently, solving crimes gets her all excited, so this is going to be one happening couple. Here’s hoping this leans towards sexy thriller rather than dark and tortured, though really, either of them, with this premise, would be interesting.

Even the title FLOWER OF EEEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL makes me want to watch!

While there hasn’t been a lot of Lee Joon Ki dramas I’ve wanted to watch, I like him enough to want to find one. I know he likes these out of the box thrilling dramas, and he has that intensity plus a mild manner-ness I think to be able to really pull this character off. I’m very interested to see what way they go with him. Will he have a tortured backstory where he’s a killer but for a good reason? Like righting the wrongs of his past? Killing but only those who really deserve it so we still feel bad for him and want his wife to forgive him and let him go on with his plans? How did they even get together? Was he simply using her and their kids as cover? The long con?


Which will have to wait until June to be answered because the show doesn’t hit until then. BOO.


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