Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Like a Dagger

Posted by SaraG on January 16, 2020


I have to admit that as I’m writing this I’m feeling all sorts of FOMO and drinking a glass of wine. That’s not a great combination…or it’s a really great combination if you’re into feeling like raging against the reality of your life. I have one set of friends just about to go into the Seventeen show in New Jersey and another friend at the airport, flying off to meet our Chicago loves for the Sunday show. I’ll repeat what I’m doing…sitting in my basement writing a blog post and drinking a glass (my second of the day) while one of my cats judges me. 

The purrrrrfect music (I went there) for this kind of situation is obviously an emotive singer-songwriter and I have just the one queued up – largely because I almost always have him queued up – Kim Feel. 

Kim Feel, known for his stint on SuperStar K 6 in 2014 where he placed second, is a gorgeous singer. His voice is simultaneously smooth as glass and as raspy as fine-grained sandpaper on your sensitive soul. There’s really no other way to describe it. His music tends to be of the sweeping OST variety and in fact, he’s known for some of his OST contributions. My 2019 top 50 list includes the song Fallin’ from the Abyss soundtrack. Gah, it’s so good. His discography includes one short album of only 8 songs and a whole bunch of singles and OSTs – including a collab called Monster with Echae Kang, one of my fav violinist/singers. 

Monster, Kim Feel (ft. Echae Kang)

But the actual TBT song I’m putting out there today is a single he put out in 2019 called Your Voice. Go into this knowing you’re going to feel it in all of the little fibers in your muscles. His voice has a way of digging into the nooks and crannies. Get to about 3’32” and you’ll see what I mean. 

Your voice, Kim Feel

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