Episode 223: The One With All The Wrong Information

Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2020


Big news in the swell of the Hallyu wave here in the US. We’re discussing the possible success of Monsta X’s decision to visit almost every city in the US. Or, we talk about it while Stephanie fretts for them. Then we’re talking the excitement of all Parasites Oscar nominations and the idea of the incoming HBO adaptation.

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Wrong information found in this podcast include:

  • As mentioned, no official word on the Big Hit purchase of Pledis, as we realized after doing a long discussion on it.
  • How many Monsta X concerts there are, though in Stephanie’s opinion, 16 isn’t that much better than 19.
  • How much the Monsta X tickets are. At last check (the night before tickets go on sale) there is still no official information on ticket sale prices. WHICH IS STUPID.
Stephanie should apologize for the following:
  • She would like to apologize for all of the bad thoughts she has towards Starship at the moment, but she just can’t do it. If you’re trying to set a group up for failure, this is a pretty good way to do it.
  • She will, however, apologize to Cherry for putting that line in without mentioning it to her.
  • Actually, she takes that back, this is her apology section, and if she wants to mouth off about what makes her angry THEN THIS IS HER SPACE.
  • Ummmm….sorry.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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