Chottie of the Week: Qian Kun

Posted by Alix on January 19, 2020

Khottie of the Week

SaraG argued recently that you should have one bias for every five members of a group. I would totally agree with that, especially with a group like NCT, as there are just too many to not have more than one. My NCT biases fall into a pyramid, with one at the top and then a couple of layers below, each increasing in size. Rumor has it that more members for NCT might be debuting this year and who would say no to more biases and a larger pyramid?

Qian Kun is a Chinese idol who debuted with NCT 2018…in 2018 if you didn’t pick that up from the name.

He turned 24 on January 1st.

I’d say that was a delightful start to the new year.

He’s currently a member of the subunit WayV.

He’s the WayV leader and main vocalist.

On my NCT pyramid, he’s solidly located in the second level from the top.

It should already be obvious why…

I mean seriously…how could you not.

You all know how much I love a smile.

And it’s a smile with dimples.

And oh look…smile and glasses and it’s Harry Potter!

And just generally overall cute.

And for his birthday he opened his own Instagram account @kun11xd.

A good start to 2020 in so many ways!

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