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Posted by Stephanie on January 22, 2020

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For those of you not in the know, Colorado has been infiltrated by my podcast partner in crime, Cherry Cordial! It’s her very first visit here to the state and she’s here for a very, very important reason: Denver is having its first-ever Kpop show! Last year Studio PAV put out a poll to choose just where their next tour was going to be (Studio PAV being a company which specializes in bringing smaller groups on tour to the US.) Denver played a very strong game and after a few rounds it was decided, VANNER is going to perform here! Actually? VANNER is going to be performing here tomorrow in a theater within walking distance of my house!!

So, Cherry Cordial came to town to celebrate. Since neither of us are hugely in the now of exactly who VANNER is, we’ve decided we need to spend the evening boning up on our VANNER knowledge. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of content out there for us to throw ourselves into, but let’s see what we can find!

First up, let’s check out a VANNER song, Do Better:

Super catchy!

Next up, let’s learn the members!

Okay, so we have Taehwan, Gon, Yeonggwang, Haeseong, and Ahxian. There are a lot of dancers in here, one of them, Gon was actually their dance trainer before being asked to join the group. Gon also has a snake. Haeseong used to have long hair and ran in school. The group debuted in February which, if we’re counting, is less than a year ago..

Afte that, how many members can we name?

We def have Gon and Taehwan. I can tell you I think Haeseong is cuter with the pink hair than the blond in this video.

It looks like VANNER does a lot of cover songs, especially Taehwan. Here is one of my favorites, it really helps this is one of my favorite songs of last year…

He does a great job! This must be a very fun song to cover.

Time to test out our new skills with a live performance, the MNET Countdown performance of Do Better.

These guys are delightful! Haeseong seems ADORABLE. This blond he’s super cute in. Taehwan has a pretty amazing smile.

There isn’t a lot of variety out there. (Seriously boys, do better, make your own show, you can do it.  😉 )

The name means victory banner. HAHAHAHA too cute. Taehwan really likes musicals. I haven’t heard of this show before. Gon chose the name Gon because he looks like a  dinosaur. Cherry says she can see it, but I’m not certain I do. I do say, I love Haesong in the pink hair!

In this video, the guys are handily labeled, but Cherry and I think we are getting a good handle on the boys.

And I love Gon’s sherbert hair. We’re settling in on favorites, Cherry seems partial to Ahxian, and I am leaning Taehwan, or Gon, or Haeseong. I’m going to have a hard time choosing my pick-a-pose. I might just have to do all of them! …I mean pick-a-pose.

One more video with the VANNER member stats. All Korean. All have blood types. Their youngest, Youngkwang, is a 97er.

Oh no, they are trying to teach us the fan chant. Sorry boys, not even for a Kpop group in Denver will I fan chant. However, Haeseong looks ah-dorable in glasses. I’ve had an affinity lately for the adorable members, perhaps, my choice in bias is being made for me… though Taehwan is dead sexy here.

Now Cherry and I are shopping for our pick-a-pose:

I’m really so excited to learn VANNER. It’s been so much fun to experience their fandom as we’ve gotten closer to the show. They may not be one of the bigger groups out there, but their fans are passionate, creative and very strong in their love for these boys! I’m so excited to have Cherry here to watch the show with our Denver crew, SaraG, Alix, and LizC!

With the added bonus? Dude! We have Amber on Sunday! Everything is coming up Kpop in Denver! And we are now ready for it!






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