Throwback (Musical) Thursday – A Pretty Ditty and Lovely Date

Posted by SaraG on January 23, 2020


Now that we’re getting older and our kids are getting lives of their own, my husband and I have started investing more time in going on dates and making sure that we actually still have anything in common or even like each other. We both love music hard and spend a lot of time and money on going to shows and buying tunes. But we love very different types of music…while I’m deciding how much to spend on the next boy group heading to Chicago, he’s pondering how many metal shows he can reasonably afford in LA. While I like a nice smooth R&B baby-making song, he prefers the dissonant sounds of an Avant-Garde jazz number. 

But, no worries, we do have some overlap and sometimes it comes in the most advantageous and surprising places. We both love…make that LOVE Behwy. Like we worship at the alter of his rap and we both actively proselytize, trying to bolster his fan base with like-minded friends. When we were on vacay in November, chillin’ in an Airbnb with a Scottish friend in the very remote Highlands, we were doing our damndest to win over his heart. It worked, of course, and while we were chatting about individual tracks he needed to check out when we had access to the internet, he stumbled upon the news that Bewhy was doing a show in NYC in December, just a few short days after our return to the US. Alas, there was no way that would work with our schedules. 

We were all disappointed.

HOWEVER, we learned a very short time later that Bewhy was, in fact, doing a tour of the US in January/February. I was bummed thinking we’d still be paying off our UK experience and that I was going to Vanner and ATEEZ already and that my husband was going to see Mr. Bungle and a few other gigs. There was no way he’d agree to make that happen. While we work to manage our budget together, he is sometimes hesitant to make big purchases I might prioritize when the cash flow isn’t at its peak.

I was very wrong. When I sighed and said that we’d have to catch Bewhy next time, my husband looked at me like I was an idiot and immediately reserved a room near the venue in Dallas. We found a babysitter for the night, got our tickets (we looked at each other for a beat over the high touch, but decided that it wasn’t in the cards for us this time), and booked the short flight using South West points. I guess we do still have some stuff in common. 

Best date night ever. 

Hope I still like him….my husband, not Bewhy. I know I love Bewhy. 

Waltz, Bewhy

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