Musical Monday – Drum Roll…Literally

Posted by SaraG on January 27, 2020


We are seeing more and more Kpop companies putting out idols using the actual band format. Personally, I like it because young adult me would really prefer that I focus as much on how the music is actually produced than on how absolutely good looking the group members are or how well they move. Young adult me was a snob and didn’t get how much work it took to be that good looking and just how hard that choreo really is. Old me gets it. Old me appreciates it. But old me also wants to see someone work an instrument live and in person on occasion too. 

I honestly missed the whole build-up and teaser portion of the new group 2Z’s January 14th debut and it’s hard to find much information on them in English yet. 2Z is a five-member band on Morph Management whose members were announced one at a time prior to the release of their EP We Tuzi. They’re on the younger end of the idol spectrum with the oldest having been born in ‘98 and the youngest in…gulp…2002. I’m sure/not sure that it was on purpose, but every member of the band is over 6 feet tall and very good looking. This was put to use in the MV for the title track My 1st Hero where they expertly strut and pose in between shots of them actually performing the number on a stage in dark room. No audience present as far as I could tell.

The song is upbeat and fun and if I knew the lyrics, I bet it’d be witty too. There’s something special here and they captured that feeling on multiple songs on the EP. If you’re a fan of N.Flying or Onewe, this is a group to keep an eye on. They’re going to be something in that instrument playing niche of the Kpop world and now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor. Also, if you learn more info about them, please fill me in. They seem worth getting to know right from the start…why waste time pretending that I’ll ‘just enjoy their music.’ 

My 1st Hero, 2Z

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