Jang Hyuk, Thrilling Again!

Posted by Stephanie on January 28, 2020


You know how, when I was talking about Taecyeon’s new drama and it sounded really cool and then I watched the teasers and was super underwhelmed? Well, I’m happy to say, Jang Hyuk’s new drama appears to be the complete opposite! (Although I’m not quite certain I’m happy about what picking up another drama is going to do to my schedule…)

So what has us in a tizzy this week? Well, I was doing some research on new dramas and came across Jang Hyuk’s new one, Tell Me What You Saw. (Can’t you just picture someone yelling that while shaking someone by the shoulders every time you read that? TELL ME WHAT YOU SAW!) I was first lured in by the idea of Jang Hyuk as it’s been forever since I wanted to watch a drama of his and from the pictures? In this one he looks goooood. Talk about aging sexy!

Tell Me What You Saw is a drama about a brilliant profiler who, after the murder of his fiancé in an explosion by a serial killer he was chasing, retreats from society, to angsty to continue on. (I’m assuming.) The heroine plays a country police detective who, during the course of the drama, realizes she has a photographic memory. Someone sends her to him with the words “Tell him what you saw.” Apparently the crime the heroine detective finds herself wrapped up in has to do with the same serial killer who kill offed profiler’s girl. They start to work together, her ‘becoming his eyes’.

Ummm… Why?

I’m trying to understand if he was somehow damaged in the explosion as well? I think if he were now blind, the descriptions would say it as a big selling point of the drama, but if his vision was just messed up, that might not be known outside the production yet. Then I can really see the two becoming a team. He a brilliant profiler who can’t see, she an inexperienced detective with the photographic memory. Although I guess you don’t need a good memory to describe crime scenes to someone, so maybe I’m off on his vision being an issue. But wouldn’t that be cool? A reason for him to pack it up and leave, but also a way for him to come back at the urging of his old partner. (Again I’m hypothesizing from my memory of dramas past.)

While the premise does have me guessing, it’s really the teasers which made me stand back and go WOAH.

This one focuses on the detective and how she leads up to getting connected with the profiler. See? See his eyes and the glasses? That’s what makes me think there is something wrong with his vision! Maybe not full blindness, but something, right? If you watch the video, I think the bits with him walking around at the lightstop is a flashback to him before the explosion which killed his fiancé.

That was exciting and interesting, but this one? This is the one which made me look at my schedule to see what I can shift around to get the show in.

How exciting does that look? How full on sexy is Jang Hyuk with that long hair??? Let me answer that for you: HELLA SEXY. Dang it. I’m sorry schedule, you’re just going to have to shove over and make space.

TELL ME WHAT YOU SAW actually starts this week, so I’ll report back how it goes!

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