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Posted by Stephanie on January 29, 2020


As BTS readies to release their new album and ARMY braces to submit themselves to the battlefield that is tickets buying for the upcoming BTS tour, it’s time for the boys tdo start their promotion. Over the weekend we got a visit to the Grammy Awards where they did a split performance and now what we’re really waiting for, their visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden. I love his interviews/events with Kpop artists! Their last visit where JHope and Jin get the crap scared out of them by flying fruit? Or did you see Jackson’s visit where they shared things from their home country? A visit to The Late Late Show is going to be the cutest, less cringiest US interview out there. And I can’t wait to see it!

Although I did have to wait as I don’t have cable, so let’s watch the Youtube clips together!

Here is their interview with James:

GAH!!! Just when you think you’re over BTS, something like this makes you realize how much you love them. I am giving them mad props for their English skills, you can tell that they’ve been working really hard at it! The fact that JHope jumped in to answer the first question over RM? Well, that isn’t something that would happen even a year ago. Also, this might be my bias showing, but I love his sweater. I also love RM’s hair. I can’t believe it’s been seven years already! I’m going to start being that person who goes….I remember when we were waiting for them to first debut….

Let’s move onto the performance. I’m going to come out and admit I wasn’t super into the art performance that was previously released. While I appreciate them branching out, it just wasn’t my jam. That being said, I’m interested to see how I’ll feel with them performing it. From what I hear they do it barefoot and JK has a see-through shirt…

Holy fuckballs. Seriously. That was so amazing! When we talk about how much better they’ve gotten at English, I watch clip and I’m struck by just how good our non-dancers have gotten! Who would have thought the Yoongi/Jin/RM of seven years ago could have pulled this off? Though I do find myself missing the sound of BTS past, this song is really, really good! It for real gave me fangirl squeeeeez that I haven’t felt in a while. It actually made me seriously regret the decision I made not to go to the BTS stadium tours. I’m currently filled with the feeling of WAAAAHHH I WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! We got a little bit of everything here. The lighting was too dark for me to be able to say one way or the other that JK had the see-through shirt, but I did see a super squee-worthy SOPE moment. The set was also really interesting, allowing the bandmembers to not only come and leave the stage but look etherial while doing it. I can only imagine with such a dramatic dance-heavy performance, Jimin and JHope were totally in their element. So. Much. Fangirling. Seriously, I have no chill right now and am so happy for them. Well done boys!

Okay, I realized I had paused to get my thoughts out after the performance was done. Now that I’ve continued to the end, I can say YES to the mesh shirt:

and woah, JHope looks SO. GOOD. SWOOON

Also, Jin and James Dad Dancing at the end is hilarious.

Next up we have a fun surprise segment that appears to be BTS playing hide and seek with Ashton Kutcher. Hmmm…. how the hell did something like that come about?

No lie, there was literal fangirl arm flapping which happened during…I’m going to with a solid 70% percent of this clip. It is just as adorable as this thumbnail says. I’d like to think it’s their variety skills which made them so good at this game! Squeeworthy moments:

  • The fact that JHope was the last to be found.
  • It was only when Namjoon ratted him out that JK was found, both guys ran past him several times and he was right out there in the open.
  • When Jin got scared when Ashton found him.
  • When Ashton fireman carried Jin to the front.
  • When you realized from what Jin held in his hand, he’d actually been spending his time hidden in the photo booth…taking pictures of himself. HAHAHAHA.
  • How good V and Yoongi looked while hiding.
  • James holding BTS’s hands as he took them back to the stage.
  • Just how game everyone was for this. There wasn’t a ‘ugh, okay.’ no, that’s the thing about The Late Late Show and James Corden. His laughter and glee is just infectious and you can’t help but be pulled in. BTS and James Corden? A win every single time.


Although I’m still waiting on that Carpool Karaoke.

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