Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Oh, Those Dulcet Tones

Posted by SaraG on January 30, 2020


I’m still friends with a LOT of people that I’ve known since high school – really since elementary school – as once I’ve got my hooks in you, I never really let you go. But I’m also the type of friend that might come up with some big ideas of things we should do together that might best be left in the fantasy realm. Not that the ideas are bad, oh no, they just aren’t always practical or you know, realistic as compared to my strengths and talents. Like if I ask you to start a singing group with me, know that I am not super skilled in the vocal department. It would not be wise for you to say yes no matter how much you love me. You should say, “why don’t we just watch some music videos instead.” 

I will likely be just as happy as if we had started the singing group. 

Kim Kang San of Voisper, on the other hand, you should say yes to. Upon entering high school in Incheon, South Korea, Kang San asked three of his good buddies to start a group together and they all, as one should with him, said yes. The group was quickly accepted onto the 6th season of Superstar K and signed to Evermore Entertainment after their stint on the show. They debuted with the name Voisper in February 2016. and they’ve pretty consistently put out singles and EPs over the subsequent years. While they’ve never hit the big time, they have steady work in the OST realm and I know I always keep my ear to the ground when they have a release coming out. 

Voisper is largely an R&B style vocal quartet but has been known to branch out with some rock and electronic sounds. R&B is really their sweet spot though. They have gorgeous voices that blend together beautifully. They’re quite soothing really. I kind of pop them in the same lane as one of my all-time fav romantic groups, Vromance. It’s a similar feel and mood. 

A feel and mood I happen to love.

Lovesome, Voisper (ft. Yun Chae Kyung)


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