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Posted by SaraG on February 3, 2020


This week I had the pleasure of attending an all-day training for work on how to better plan for supporting the needs of members of our community with access and functional needs. It was a good training, but to be honest, I’ve been to tons of these and there wasn’t a lot of new content. But, honestly, it was still extremely valuable. I went because we were the host agency and I wanted to make sure that we were well represented but also because I love any opportunity to network with other first responder and first receiver partners. Effective disaster response is largely who you know and how well you know them so it’s important to develop and maintain relationships. 

This is going somewhere Kpop related really quickly, be patient.

One of the folks at the training was a woman I’ve known for ten plus years and hugely admire for her knowledge, skills, and experience with disaster response. We’ve always known that we have heaps in common and when we get together we immediately compare our last travel experiences, plans for the next trip, challenges and wins at work, and updates on mutual friends. During the first break in this particular training, she started telling me about a cruise she and her husband are going on in the not too distant future. She’s looking forward to it because it will be an opportunity to completely cut herself off from what’s going on in the world. We are both ALWAYS on call, so these rare opportunities are both daunting and thrilling. She’s decided that she’s not even going to pay for wifi on the ship…no wifi…the thought scared me a little and I let her know. She shrugged and said, “I’m just going to download a bunch of books and some Kdramas.” 

Whhhaaaatttt? Kdrama?

Turns out, this amazing, lovely woman that I’ve been professionally in love with for over a decade and personally completely charmed by for the same amount of time is a huge Kdrama fan. And Kpop fan. I don’t keep my fangirling a secret in the workplace, so how have we never made this connection before? We spent every break and spare moment during the rest of the day comparing what we’ve seen, what we want to watch, our fav groups, our biases, our ethical concerns, the pain of the last year’s scandals, and how we tackle the insane amount of content pumped out to us on a daily basis. 

It was magical. 

Because we were in a legit work event and had to pay attention, we only had the opportunity to look at one video and I felt compelled to show off OnlyOneOf’s new choreography video for the song Malamente

Malamenta, OnlyOneOf

You’ll remember OnlyOneOf as a group that debuted in May of last year that I talked about on the blog in the hopes that everyone would fall in love. Now, months later, and I’ve learned that despite having pretty decent traction around the world, not many of the Nerd Herd have taken to them in quite the same way that KpopontheDL and I have. We’re solidly in love. The members are gorgeous, talented, and delightful in a way almost all idols are but also in a completely different way – they carry this charm and aurora about them that’s absolutely 100% their own. 

So lucky for us, not only did they put out that fab choreo cover, but they also released a digital single – dOra maar. They do love their odd capitalizations and I admit, I don’t hate it. Especially with this song…I mean, a tribute to Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso’s lover, should look a little off, right? The song is sleek and seductive and the choreography is tactile and complex. It feels like a love song from one intelligent artist to another. 

dOra maar, OnlyOneOf

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    YAY! I’m so excited you were able to make this unexpected K-Connection!

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