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Posted by SaraG on February 6, 2020


I know, I know, I did a post on Nu’est in December and December wasn’t that long ago. But I’m the one writing the posts and I’m going to have to go ahead and write about whatever it is I want to write about. And that, my friends, is Nu’est. 

My husband is out of town this week – traveling to see a concert in LA and then backpacking the Channel Islands while I hold down the homestead and make sure the kids stay alive. Managing all of the activities and homework and meals all – on top of my full-time job – is admittedly a lot. How single parents do it all the time is, frankly, magical. But I also have to say, in some ways, it’s a nice break. There’s nobody to question my decisions or confuse my well-laid plans except myself. I’m the only one to blame if things go wrong and that makes for far fewer arguments. It also means that if I want to have a friend over to watch Nu’est’s backlog of reality and variety on YouTube for countless hours, then I can have that friend over.

Now you know exactly where I’ll be tonight. One Miss Stephanie is joining me on my giant brown couch in front of my huge TV to wend our way through the trials and tribulations – be they naturally occurring or PD contrived – laid before our five oft underrated heroes. 

Nu’est was one of those groups that I chose not to get to know during my early days in the Kpop fandom. I didn’t particularly love their sound and the styling wasn’t my fav, but there was something about THEM, the actual members, that definitely told me that I would quickly fall in complete love if I gave them even half a chance. Canvas, their 2016 EP was actually the first time I was tempted by their sound and look. I was intrigued, but again, I held off for some undefinable reason. 

Looking back, as I stare at my collection of their more recent albums, all of the Nu’est W content, and their 2020 Season’s Greeting that somehow showed up at my house, I’m kicking myself at the time together we lost because of my stubborn antics. I’m one of those people that usually initially falls for a group because I’m attracted by the music they make. But there are those instances where I’m drawn in by the members and I eventually learn to love their songs. I think with Nu’est, as they’ve matured and Baekho has started writing and producing their songs, as their sound has shifted and their styling has settled, I’ve been drawn in by both the members AND their music. 

I’m far enough along in my Kpop career to know that I’m a fickle person, I can’t stan just one group. I’m multifandom to the extreme and I always will be. But I like to think that regardless of where my attention is focused in the future, I’ll always be glad I finally made the leap with this group.

I know I’ll always be thankful that I got the time to hang out with a real-life friend and watch her fall deeper in love with them too…and maybe even start to enjoy some of their tunes because of that love. 


Love Paint (every afternoon), Nu’est

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