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Posted by Stephanie on February 8, 2020

KPop School

Hey Everyone! Its time for another session of Kpop School! This session, we’re going to be learning the rookie(ish) group, ONEUS! Class will take place every Saturday morning where we will learn a new member of this fun group. Today’s lesson? An overview of ONEUS as a whole. Take your seats!

SaraG: Here it is!!

Stephanie: WOOOT! I’m ready to learn, teach me, teach!

Stephanie: I think whoever they are, they may have fallen into a barrel of khaki.

SaraG: Ok, first, Oneus is a six-member idol group on RBW.

Stephanie: Another new name in Management companies! And 6 members is right in my sweet spot. 

SaraG: RBW isn’t particularly new. They have the likes of Mamamoo, Vromance, Oneus, and Onewe. I have loved every group

Stephanie: Innnnteresting.

Stephanie: look at those cute boys!

SaraG: Oneus debuted in January 2019 with the EP Light Us

Stephanie: So they are like new new–newer than Ateez new. 

SaraG: They are…but the members have a ton of experience prior to the group. Three of them were the RBW reps for Produce 101 Season 2 and then several were also on Mixnine. 

Stephanie: That seems to be an idol standard nowadays.

SaraG: RBW also did a show called RBW Trainee Real Life- We Will Debut. 

Stephanie: We WILL Debut. Were they in there?

SaraG: Several of the members along with some other male and female trainees all did monthly performances and had their daily lives filmed

Stephanie: Male and female? Interesting!

SaraG: And in early 2018, five of the six were put together as the RBW Boyz as a pre-debut group. 

Stephanie: This really does remind me of ATEEZ, KQ Fellaz?

SaraG: Most labels do the same with pre-debut groups. There are also Woolim Boyz and other versions. Later in the year the final member -Leedo- who had been recently signed was added to the group. 

Stephanie: So with the exception of the addition, they were pretty much together from the start?

SaraG: Together once they were selected as ready to debut

Stephanie: You get to debut! And you get to debut And you get to…


SaraG: I’ll get into their individual stories later…but a lot of them came from other labels first

Stephanie: The ole label switcheroo….also something you hear about more now.

SaraG: I was familiar with them all from the trainee shows and was stoked for their debut…I was nervous I wouldn’t like their music, but that was unwarranted. 

SaraG: The title track for the EP was Valkyrie…and it’s stunning. 

Stephanie: That’s always the best feeling. So nervous whenever someone I like comes out with new music


SaraG: The whole EP is fab.

Stephanie: And the pictures that go along with the EP?

SaraG: Gorgeous

Stephanie: Figured!

Stephanie: I’m enjoying their looks. 

SaraG: They have a kind of Victorian military/fantasy/contemporary vibe that shouldn’t work but really does

Stephanie: I don’t know, sounds fab to me, that is almost the description of steampunk and I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with that. 

SaraG: Almost…but they are a little foppier. 

Stephanie: Hahahhahahhaa

SaraG: The choreo they do tends to be pretty intense. 

Stephanie: Well that, I will look forward to–both the foppy and intense choreo. 

SaraG: They have this awesome mashup of a single moment in the Valkyrie choreo done a bunch of different ways. It starts kind of the same over and over and then you see the differences. It’s amazing. 

SaraG: And they are of the In&Out idol generation so…

Stephanie: the matrix comp is hilarious. The screaming is fierce with this group

SaraG: They deserve it! 


SaraG: It’s fashion

Stephanie: That’s amazing. Like they fell into a remnants bin. I can’t stop looking at it

SaraG: So it’s important to note that Oneus doesn’t have an official leader. 

Stephanie: Woah, really? How did that happen? Are they officially the only ones in kpop that don’t?

SaraG: Yes. I think they look to Ravn somewhat, but they just don’t have one. I don’t know if they’re the only ones.

Stephanie: Was it a decision not to? Or just…eh, we never really thought about it. I’m fascinated for some reason. 

SaraG: I read something about it somewhere. I’ll have to dig it out again.

Stephanie: And… since I still can’t stop looking at that picture. Do they have a pocket idol? The cutie in the center? Or is it just the angle

SaraG: THEY DO. Hwanwoong introduces himself as ‘the tallest member of Oneus’ but he is, in fact, the weest of the wee. The second EP was released on May 29, 2019z. Twilight.

Stephanie: Four months later? SLACKERS 😉

SaraG: Sorry the EP is Raise Is



Raise Us. And the title track is Twilight

Stephanie: Laugh. Did you? Raise them some money by buying the album?

SaraG: I own all of their albums. 

Stephanie: second from the right is CUTE. He has a fierce model stare

SaraG: They are all hot. It’s no joke. And if I’m looking at the same one as you, that’s Seoho

Stephanie: Oooh I like the sound of the rapper


Stephanie: It’s like they are all princes waiting for you

SaraG: They have two rappers… Ravn and Leedo

Stephanie: Two rappers in a 6 member group? Smart. 

SaraG: Ravn is a mid-tone rapper with speed and some interesting vocalizations and Leedo is the deep voice. 

Stephanie: The question is, how many main dancers do they have?

SaraG: Heh. They’re alllll amazing dancers. So this is a fav of mine…the reward to Moon, their fandom, for so many views on the MV

Stephanie: Their fandom is Moon?

SaraG: It is!

Stephanie: Any connection to their name? Does their name mean anything?

SaraG: The official fandom name is To Moon…but they always shorthand it as Moon. They have kind of an astral imagery to much of what they do.

Stephanie: I love how awkward the pineapple is

SaraG: Hahahahaha

Stephanie: Does Oneus mean anything? And is it Oneus or ONEUS?

SaraG: All caps technically.

Stephanie: After I typed it, I was like, that seems like a silly question, but then remembered its kpop

SaraG:  And it’s to do with the members and the fans all being part of the same thing. 

Stephanie: Awww that’s sweet!

SaraG: They are the kings of the uniform style

Stephanie: I’m totally hooked on that video. ALL THE FANFICS IT MUST HAVE SPAWNED


SaraG: They released their third EP on September 30 called Fly With Us. The title track is Lit

Stephanie: Three in a year? Wow way to go, boys!

SaraG: They’re not here to play

SaraG: It’s a lush combination of old-world Korea and contemporary royalty. And like the previous two, every song is awesome

Stephanie: Look at those costumes! Man, this video is great! I love the mixing of contemporary and classic in colors and styling.

SaraG: It really is! You’ll like the way they use their voices in this one. It’s quirky and still poppy.

Stephanie: All of these songs I click on thinking I don’t know then, start watching and am like, yep, I’ve seen/heard this! Do I remember the last one from a musical Monday?

SaraG: You do! They did an awesome Halloween video:


SaraG: Two songs. The group has done a couple of different web-based reality/variety shows.

Stephanie: Hit me. 

SaraG: It’s important here to note their brother group…Onewe. They were part of the We Will Debut show

Stephanie: Or ONEWE? 😉

SaraG: They are a five-member band that we’ll cover later, but the key in this relationship is that the maknae, Xion, in ONEUS and the keyboard/vocalist in ONEWE, Dongmyeong, are twin brothers. The members of both groups are really close

Stephanie: That is possibly the most adorable thing ever.



Stephanie: Beautiful Snack Bar? HAHAHA

SaraG: And after debut Oneus has maintained a running kind of diary show as well as doing Earth School. 


Stephanie: Okay, looking at this, Beautiful Snack Bar could be a drama.

SaraG: Hahahaha

Stephanie: ONEUS

SaraG: 6 Members

Stephanie: Brother group to ONEWE



SaraG: They did an episode of Weekly Idol wIth ATEEZ THAT’S ADORABLE 

Moon To Moon

Stephanie: DANGIT. Close



SaraG: Mingi tried to join ONEUS. It’s hilarious. 

Stephanie: I’m not certain my heart can take that much cuteness. It might just explode from my chest cartoon style

SaraG: Yunho and Keonhee started a bromance. It’s a lot

Stephanie: How are you still living?

SaraG: Who says I am? And I watched it twice.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHHA Another case of death by kpop

SaraG: Once to kill me and once to bring me back. Science. So that’s a quick overview of the group as a whole… More to come with the individual members


SaraG: You’re going to LOVE them

Stephanie: Watching the videos, I really think I will.


ONEUS Official Accounts:

Twitter: @official_ONEUS

Instagram: @official_ONEUS

Facebook: officialONEUS

YouTube: ONEUS

One Day Later

SaraG: Popped up today


Stephanie: How Timely! 

SaraG: Fan art for the most recent comeback

Stephanie: Well that is adorable.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:

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Leedo (Class scheduled 2/29)
Hwanwoong (Class scheduled 3/14)
Xion (Class scheduled 3/21)
Final Exam (Class scheduled 3/28)


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