Zombies! For Real This Time!

Posted by Stephanie on February 11, 2020


The moment has finally come, the one we’ve been waiting almost a whole year for. We finally have the release date of Season 2 of KINGDOM! Yes, all caps is really necessary as I am THAT excited!

And the date couldn’t be more delicious. (Spoilers ahead for Season 1)

March Thirteenth. I saw this and thought, no, they couldn’t have! I pulled open my calendar and they did! Guys, not only is Kingdom 2 being sprung on is the thirteenth, March thirteenth just happens to be a Friday. You heard that right, the historical zombie thriller is being released Friday the Thirteenth. HAHAHAHA. Of all the luck.

With the news of the release date, we also get our first official poster:

Lets take a look at this thing.


We know this guy is looking to get rid of the prince in order to place his family on the throne and, if what we saw the last season was any indicator, is willing to release any horrible plague in order to achieve that. Does he really think he can get away with it? What’s the point in ruling a land decimated by zombies? Who are you ruling if everyone is dead? How do you expect the ones you deem worthy to live? Or, if he’s up on this roof with the prince, has he realized the folly of his ways and is pretending to be reformed to work with the prince in order to survive what he unleashed? From what I understand from the plot, the prince is going to be spending his time trying to get back to the palace in order to get to the bottom of what happened, so they are def going to meet again.

The healer is still around and, from the looks of it, someone has given her a change of clothes. I wonder if she manages to follow the prince on his quest? At the moment she might be the only one who can figure out the cure to this.

Who are these guys? New characters? Interesting his old advisor (the one mourning his mom for years but obs knew what to do for zombies and is even creepier than his mom-fixation?) isn’t in the poster. He seemed like he was going to be a pretty big character and when we left him, he was still alive. Perhaps these are his creepy minions? We have to have new characters in season two, at least in order to have some red shirts to murder off.

This guy, one of the prince’s inner-ist inner circle members isn’t looking forward like the other ones are, he def seems to be looking towards the bad guy. Which would make sense considering I’m really sure he’s the Judas here and (probably unwillingly) is the one who keeps updating the bad guys as to the Prince’s movements and whereabouts. Again, I don’t want it to be true, but it’s the only theory that makes sense. How else is his wife tucked away in the Queen’s baby factory?

Speaking of the Queen’s baby factory….

WHERES THE FAUX BUMP???? Does she fake have the kid while straight-up murdering pregnant women to get it? Does she get caught? That’s such a non-ornate outfit and hairpiece there. Though now that ‘her people’ are being decimated and zombies are on the rise, perhaps murdering women in order to steal an heir doesn’t seem quite so interesting.

QUESTIONS. I have them. We were also treated to another trailer. Let’s take a look!

See? Zombies are coming! And these zombies definitely look of a higher social sphere than what was in season one, (I’m telling this from what they’re wearing not that zombies are fancy) so it looks like they make it to the palace…bringing the zombie horde along with them. And watching this made me realize I know who the guy in blue is! He’s that magistrate hanger-on from season one! The one who got the crush on the doctor? It looks like he makes it there too! Which nice to know as he’s usually good for some comic relief.

We have just about a month left. Are you excited? Are you ready? We’re already planning our binging snacks. Last year it was a last minute marathon so we weren’t really ready for it. This year? We’re thinking meat soup. 😉


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  • Reply humbledaisy1 February 11, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    No. Nope. Never. Ever since Shaun of the Dead, I’ve been unable to handle zombies, especially zombie kids. I may stretch this (for the MDL 2020 viewing challenge) to include the “funny” zombie movie, The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019). In this movie, they pacify zombies by teaching them to eat heads of cabbage. So, you do you and review it in the podcast – I’ll be listening!

    • Reply Stephanie February 11, 2020 at 9:28 pm

      HAHAHHAHHAH~ I totally get it, I was the same. Shaun of the Dead was what actually helped me watch. Of course, I have to watch using my patented Scary Movie Blanket, an afgan I wear over my head. I have to watch through the holes 🙂 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.

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