Throwback (Musical) Thursday – How Old?

Posted by SaraG on February 13, 2020


A couple of years ago, KpopontheDL and I were caught up in watching the show Breakers, a music survival show for singer/songwriters in the Korean music industry. You might remember my writing about the show as it was going on and how much I just adored so much of the music that came out of it. The concept and the artists featured were exactly up my ally and it was a huge win for the street cred of idol songwriters – Hui from Pentagon in particular. Regardless, there were a number of musicians on the show that I was less familiar with that I have since come to follow – even two years later.

Not Him, 20 Years of Age (ft. Crucial Star) – on Breakers

20 Years of Age debuted as a duo in 2013 but when one of the members left in 2014, Hwang Dae Hyun continued on as a solo artist under the original name. Hwang has – despite his moniker – continued to age since debut and is a 32-year-old man with a sweet, soft voice and kind of shy, silly, fanboy personality. I kid you not, he spent much of the show fawning over the other artists and in things I’ve seen since then, he’s continued to be in awe of how his career has allowed him to meet so many insanely talented people he admires. It’s like he forgets that he’s also one of those insanely talented people. Poor goose. 

One of the things the artists on Breakers did when they were not tasked with writing an original song in a week, was to rework some of their existing music to perform in a completely different way and often incorporating collaborators they hadn’t featured on the songs previously. The song I linked to above, Not Him, was released initially in 2017 with a faster BPM and no feature. It was less mournful and more contemplative – if that makes sense. Regardless, despite my preference for the Breakers version, it’s a pretty fab indie song and worth a listen. 

Not Him, 20 Years of Age


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