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Posted by Stephanie on February 15, 2020

KPop School

SaraG: Today, we’re going to learn Ravn.

Stephanie: Ravn, that’s a fun name!

SaraG: Gorgeous, Gorgeous Ravn. His real name is Kim Youngjo.

Stephanie: I don’t think I’ve ever seen the name Youngjo. I can see the need for Ravn


SaraG: It took me a long time to remember to call him Ravn instead of Youngjo…I was so used to him on the survival stuff.

Stephanie: Was it a last-minute stage name?

SaraG: Ravn is his stage name in honor of his favorite superhero… Mystique Raven.

Stephanie: Awwww look at that kid. I say kid but have no idea his age.

SaraG: He is the main rapper, a vocalist, and a producer for ONEUS.

Stephanie: Main rapper? Oooh I wonder if he’s one of the ones I noticed.

SaraG: He’s a mid-tone rapper and is the one that does a lot of the interesting vocalizations. He’s also a speedy rapper.

Stephanie: I like a good speedy rapper and a good speedy wrapper.

SaraG: Hahahahaha. His BDay is September 1995…so not so young. obviously not old… but not so young in Kpop years. He does a lot of his own stuff on Soundcloud: pls9ravn.

Stephanie: Kpop that is currently filled with babies, he’s not the youngest out there.

SaraG: He was a child actor and model, so he’s been in the entertainment field for a long time. The other members tease him about it sometimes…

Stephanie: Interesting. Anything we would know him in?

SaraG: Not that I’ve found.

Stephanie: Hit me up with another pic. Can’t prove actor must prove model.


SaraG: He won second place in the 2016 JYP audition and was a JYP, YG, and Plan A trainee in the past.

Stephanie: That’s a LOT of companies! 


Stephanie: I’m not certain I’ve seen so many in one idol before.

SaraG: I’ve seen a few like that.

Stephanie: That’s got to be so hard for them, good for him to keep trying!

SaraG: He was actually slated to debut with Victon but left the company…I don’t know why. There’s always a lot of mystery around some of the old switcheroos.

Stephanie: Idol switcheroo, now that sounds like a fun game.


Stephanie:  LOOK AT ME. And this is not a super tall group, love it. 

SaraG: Not a tall group

Stephanie:  Seoho is not awesome at this game. Hahahahha.


Stephanie:  Ravn tells cute lies? Awww cute!

SaraG: hahahaha Seoho doesn’t have to be good at the game…he’s good at.

Stephanie:  Being an idol? I’d hope so, kind of his job. 


Ravn ranked 27th on MixNine…not bad, not good enough to win, but that didn’t matter anyway. He was charming on the show but not super bold…he and Seoho both kind of melted into the background instead of shining as brightly as they could have.

Stephanie: That’s higher than some of the other classes we’ve seen. I don’t think Ateez got that high. 

SaraG: He has a delightfully kind of scratchy speaking voice.

SaraG: So he went to RBW and as a trainee did some stuff with Mamamoo.

SaraG: As with all Oneus members, he’s a gorgeous dancer. 

SaraG: He’s known as the dad in the group – kind of taking care of things. This is usually the role of the leader, but since they don’t have one I think he kind of steps up when needed.

Stephanie: LAUGH I was waiting for him to rap, he’s the eye candy? He’s the oldest?

Stephanie: If so that would make sense. 

SaraG: He’s the oldest. However…. shortly after they debuted he took a hiatus for mental health issues so he didn’t actually promote for much of the initial stuff. 

Stephanie: Awww poor egg! It’s one thing to think when they first debuted, it’s another to realize, that was still this year ie not that long ago. 

SaraG: He tends to be quiet and more of an observer on things…his eye always on his members.

Stephanie: A good hyung. 

SaraG: Yeah, they’ve only been out for less than a year and a couple of months of that he wasn’t there. 

Stephanie: That’s a pretty fast turnaround time. I hope he got the time he needed.

SaraG: He has a very distinct mouth shape.

Stephanie: Cutie. I do like idols with a mouth.

SaraG: His lips look like they were crafted by an artist.

Stephanie: Is Ravn wearing black feathers? HAHAHAHHA Nicely done costumers.

SaraG: Yes! Here’s a supercut of his parts in Valkyrie.

SaraG: He did a song with Cya from Onewe called LIKACHEEZ

Stephanie: LIKACHEEZ?

SaraG: Yes? I didn’t write it. 

Stephanie: Who doesn’t like ah…cheese?

SaraG: My oldest daughter.

Anyway, he’s fluent in Japanese. 

Stephanie: That will come in handy when they get big.

SaraG: They’ve already done Japanese versions of one of their albums. And have done some shows there.

Stephanie: WOW. I always wonder when an artist or group goes to Japan. Do they have to get a following or debut about the same time? The business behind it is interesting.

SaraG: I think they tour there whenever…lots of groups actually start there – like Vanner – and debut in Korea later. A Japanese debut is putting out a Japanese song.

Stephanie: Interesting. I wonder if Japan could be like off-broadway. Starting something in previews in LA to see how they do. Then tweek and bring back out in the main market.

SaraG: I THINK this is Vietnamese…He was in the MV for a big song there…I could be wrong about the country or origin.

Stephanie: Those kids are tooo young to be getting married!

SaraG: He contributed to lyrics on all of their albums and did some producing.

Stephanie: Look at that neck on him. Big fan.

SaraG: He gives very good neck. He’s got a great voice…

Stephanie: I may or may not have a thing for long Idol necks. 



SaraG: And anyone that covers Dean is a winner in my book.

Stephanie: Shhhhh I’m enjoying this BTS cover. This song is so freaking pretty. 

SaraG: HAHAHAHAHA. And here’s his part on the Valkyrie choreo as a solo.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAH right after it swapped to Jongho from ATEEZ covering the same song.

Stephanie: Okay, now I’m back on track. That is some shirt he’s wearing in the video. 


Stephanie: Good lord, he looks like he’d fit right in as a college coed.

SaraG: You’ll hear more about his interactions with the other members as we talk about them…he’s one of those idols that is brilliant at getting the right people together.

Stephanie: Which is handy in his chosen line of work.

SaraG: And that, my friend, is Ravn. Any questions? Want to pick him out of a group shot?

Stephanie: Let’s give it a go. Youngjo.


Stephanie: Got him!

SaraG: Please share with the class.


SaraG: YES!!! One down!

Stephanie: BOOM! Hit me again, son! Just to make sure. 


Stephanie: This one is hard! 


I can see how you got confused

Stephanie: Burn! He was my first guess! But I convinced myself he wasn’t that tall.

SaraG: He’s 5’10”. 

Stephanie: Not bad! 

SaraG: Let’s wait to do more once you know a second member… Next lesson we’ll do Seoho. 

SaraG: Be prepared, he’s adorable

Stephanie: Oh noes, adorable??? How terrible!

SaraG: It’s the worst…

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    I see Xion is last. Will you do Onewe after Oneus and start with Dongmeon, Xion’s twin?

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      We haven’t quite decided who is next! Onewe is on the shortlist!

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