Arthdal Chronicles Back For Season 2

Posted by Stephanie on February 18, 2020


Did you watch Arthdal Chronicles? Nah, me neither. (Just kidding) Well, not kidding about the not watching as, right from the trailers, I could tell it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea, but from what I understand there were a few of you out there who watched (though not as many as the production had hoped) and liked the show. So this post is for you. Arthdal Chronicles is coming back!

The show is in pre-pre-pre productions now and is estimated to not even start filming until the later half of the year. So, it’s coming, but not for a while. Not only is it coming back, but it also looks like the whole main cast is going to be there too. (I tried to watch this show for you, Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki, but I just couldn’t.)

Out of all this news, what I find intriguing? Is the fact that the director isn’t coming back. And it’s not just because the show didn’t do as well as they’d wanted for having such a budget and big names attached, but turns out? Even though this series is slated for three separate seasons, the original director only agreed to do the one season right from the start.

It strikes me as weird that a production with multiple planned seasons would willingly sign on a one-shot director.

My gut instinct is to say they wanted a bigger named director in order to get this huge project in flight. Kim Won Suk has directed such hits as Signal (excellent), Misaeng (so good) and Sungkyungkwan Scandal (instant classic). All successful shows, all in varying genres. If someone is out there looking to take something outside the box and make it big? Well, it’s not a bad plan to go with a director with such a track record. Again, while the show wasn’t a bang out hit, it ended up placing pretty solidly with really good reviews. So, I’d say he was successful in his attempt. But not even that was enough to keep him. Nope, not only has he stepped away from the show, he’s actually stepped away from the production company as well.

Who are we left with to direct season 2?

The production team has decided to go with a pair of directors. First off, we have Kim Kyu Tae who saw success in years past with Its Okay That’s Love (wept) and That Winter The Wind Blows (heard it was very pretty but a weeper.) That’s some solid, fairly regular Kdrama fare. Again, very good shows, but fairly straightforward dramas production-wise. Next we have Hong Jong Chan, who has quite an extensive drama background, last year’s Her Private Life, Doctor Stranger, and Secret Hotel. Again, straight up Kdramas. (Although funny, he did direct Tamra, The Island an off the wall historical from 2009.)

It’s interesting the production team is replacing one director with two. I’m actually really interested in their choice of replacement directors which is odd as you don’t generally give directors much thought (writers sure, directors not so much)…but now I’ve built this whole story in my head around what happened behind the scenes…which, let me tell you, is a perfect makjang storyline.

I’m not certain if I’m in for season two any more than I was for season one. Maybe once the entire three seasons are done so I can sit down and watch them at once? Did you watch Arthdal Chronicles? Are you looking forward to season 2? Do you find the director choice or the process of choosing directors for an existing project as fascinating as I do?

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