Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Things Worth Hearing About

Posted by SaraG on February 20, 2020


The tricky part about ending a contract with a major label that’s been running your life for a decade is all of the work that goes into re-establishing everything you took for granted previously. Sometimes you get it right immediately and you’re off and running, but sometimes it happens in fits and starts. Add in a dose of mental health challenges and serving in the military and you’ve got your self something of an elongated timeline. 

I’ve taken to joining a lot of Kpop related Facebook groups so I can fill my wall with lots of pretty pictures and, hopefully, tap into the collective mind of fans around the world to find out about things a little more quickly. It’s been working and let me tell you, seeing CIX and NCT and ATEEZ splashed in between pictures of my friends’ kids is WAY nicer than the constant barrage of political posts I could be getting. Years ago I had joined an international fan page for BAP and when the group disbanded, I was concerned that it would turn into a digital shrine of what was – ignoring the crap they went through. Thank goodness, it went in another direction. Instead, the Facebook group brings attention to and celebrates what the members are doing now while still remembering their roots. It’s pretty fabulous since none of them are receiving much notice by the larger Kpop new sources we have access to in the US. I wouldn’t hear a lot about their activities if it wasn’t for these wonderfully attentive fans making sure we don’t lose track.

One such post popped into my feed the other day and I wanted to make sure you were all aware – because I know that many of us are big Bang Yongguk fans. Word on the street is that Bang’s channel got hacked and someone what messing with his content, so he started over and late last week and early this week he, or someone on his team, started uploading his MVs to his new YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe!

In honor of getting this information despite the lack of coverage elsewhere, here’s a gorgeous little ditty we should all remember. 

Orange Drive, Bang Yongguk


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    POOR EGG! People are buttholes

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