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Posted by Stephanie on February 22, 2020

KPop School


Stephanie:  He’s Dreamy. 

SaraG: Seoho is the main vocalist. He was born Lee Gunmin but legally changed his name to Seoho. I have a hard time not calling him Gunmin to this day as he was the other member who was on Mix Nine as a trainee. He ranked 17.

Stephanie:  Well, I’m having trouble wrapping my tongue around Seoho.

SaraG: Say it kind of like So Ho, the Seo is slight.

Stephanie:  That is very white hair – white white – whiter than snow white. 

SaraG: He’s the Main vocalist was born in June 96

SaraG: He’s 5’9″ so also not teeny tiny

Stephanie:  I was going to ask! In this video he looks teeny.

SaraG: He was originally supposed to have the stage name Xion but went with Seoho and the maknae is Xion…don’t ask me why. It’s just something I know. 

Stephanie: He has a charming little smile.

SaraG: The other members call him squirrel. He’s a mood maker.

Stephanie:  You just absorb this information. 

SaraG: He laughs and jokes around a LOT and the others say he’s very easy going.

Stephanie:  He has an easy-going smile which seems appropriate.

Stephanie:  His round little cheeks could be hiding some nuts.

SaraG: This is a cover with him and Keonhee…Seoho is the blonde.

Stephanie:  is Keonhee another member?

SaraG: He is!! We’ll get to him soon…he’s their tall one. 

Stephanie:  Hey, he has a pretty voice!

SaraG: Seoho is an athlete…he loves all sorts of sports and in particular soccer and basketball. He trained in Hapkido and can do amazing jumps.

Stephanie:  Awww now I’m just picturing him hopping around doing excited jumps.

SaraG: hahahaha

Stephanie:  You know, like a squirrel.


Stephanie:  So how is he the cute one?

SaraG: When asked what his favorite things are he answered “Yummy and fun things”. I mean, come on.

Stephanie:  Well, sure, that seems pretty much a given. I also enjoy yummy and fun things.

SaraG: He auditioned for JYP but didn’t make it. 

SaraG: JYP done messed up. He’s a wonderful idol, though, I’m glad he didn’t…

Stephanie:  It looks like he’s giving JYP side-eye there. “I told you, bish.”

SaraG: He starred in Solar’s (Mamamoo) solo MV In My Dreams.

SaraG: Yes, he’s considered the mom of the group…of course.

Stephanie:  This video needs more Seoho.

SaraG: So I said he was 17th in Mix Nine, but he was 94th on Produce 101 Season 2…He definitely shown more on Mix Nine, but you could see him being uncomfortable with the making himself standout.

Stephanie:  Well, that I hear we can’t believe the ratings on that season, so let’s just focus on the one he was 17th on.

SaraG: He was a star when he performed but wasn’t good at getting noticed during the other bits…same as Ravn.

Stephanie:  and getting noticed is kind of the point.

SaraG: It is…

Stephanie::  That’s cool, we prefer the losers.

SaraG: I’d agree but… Minhyun. Here’s another duet with Keonhee…when they were on Weekly Idol with ATEEZ.

Stephanie:  I keep thinking I need to watch that episode

SaraG: YOU DO. 

Stephanie:  He has black hair here. Keonhee is the blond …..this time.

SaraG: YES.

Stephanie:  BOOM!

SaraG: Here is the group introducing him…


Stephanie:  was that Ravn who slapped him on the bum??

“He has a good body”


SaraG: YES

SaraG: And as I said in the Ravn lesson…anyone that covers Dean. 

Stephanie:  Instantly has your heart? 

SaraG: Instant. Also, he dresses as Elsa periodically. 

SaraG: They did a frozen thing once and it keeps popping up…much to his delight and chagrin. 

Stephanie:  I can understand and I’m pretty sure he’s not the first idol I’ve seen as Elsa.


Stephanie:  Watching this video I just want to shout, PANTS NEED TO BE TIGHTER! But realize that would be inappropriate.

SaraG: Heh. Okay, who do you know? 


SaraG: The blonde threw you. Remember that Keonhee is the tallest. 

Stephanie:  Dang it!!!! Again I thought that first but convinced myself he wasn’t that tall.

SaraG: Stop second-guessing…you’re going to learn these gents fast so trust yourself. You’re learning brain is on and you want to know them. I think it’ll be easy for you.

Stephanie:  Seoho looked like he was slouching so I thought he was taller than himself, and the one in the back looked like he was stretching so I went that way. 

SaraG: Look at his tiny eyes and squirrel cheeks.


SaraG: That’s them…which is which. I can’t let you off easy this early in the game. 

Stephanie:  Laugh. 

SaraG: Correct!!! One more?

Stephanie:  Yes!



SaraG: Correct…

Stephanie:  Yay!!!

SaraG: And as a reward: 

Stephanie:  Look at that bucket of cuteness! …because I’m a winner.

SaraG: Do you know which is which?

Stephanie:  I thought this was my reward?

SaraG: Well…yes…but in order to fully enjoy the prize you should know what it is.


SaraG: YESSSSS. Awesome lesson.

Stephanie:  Thanks, pointy cheekbones


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