SOPE Cup Event – Or Fun With Cutouts

Posted by Stephanie on February 25, 2020


Though Denver might not be the corner of all things Kpop, we’re certainly working our way up in the world. Even though M.O.N.T canceled their show here, in just the next few months, we have CIX, Monsta X, and Ravi. (I’m still crossing my fingers for Simon Dominic as I realized my life will not be complete unless I hear that Prince of Busan accent rumbling in my ear in real life). On top of that, there is a fairly robust and active Kpop fangroup here who often host meetup events, cup sleeve events, holiday gatherings, Kpop dance nights, Kpop rollerskating, the works. Schedule-wise, it doesn’t often work out for me to join up, and I’ve felt bad about that. I like getting out of my house, I like Kpop, and I love meeting and talking to new people about our mutual love of Kpop. So, in the event of the epic month of K-Birthdays, including my UB, Hoseok, I decided to go to a cup sleeve event hosted Vinh Xuong Bakery, by a local Vietnamese bakery, run by a huge BTS fan.

It went something like this:

Stephanie: I’m thinking of going to the Hoseok cup-sleeve event.
Liz: I’m in! It is all the way down in Parker.
Stephanie: Sigh. It’s a good thing Hoseok is cute.
Liz: Vinh Xuong Bakery is having a SOPE event.
Stephanie: Celebrating my love of my favorite BTS pairing AND being 8 minutes away from my house?
Liz: They also sell bahn mi.
Stephanie: You had me at SOPE, but good to know.

As we both live an equal distance away, we met there, (not, funnily enough, both having car trouble along the way. Let’s just say by the time we got in we were ready to get our BTS fangirl on.) The place was cutely decorated with BTS cut-outs which were hotly debated throughout the event as to whether they were actually life-size or not, all of us not being able to believe we couldn’t instantly reel off the ‘official’ heights of the BTS members.

The place was pretty full with BTS fans there, chatting, trading stickers, playing BTS UNO. Liz and I made a friend and instantly hit the counter to get our beverage and score some sweet Yoongi/JHope cup sleeves.

These things were so well done! We both may have purchased two drinks in order to get both sleeves. It only seemed fair. Which one of these could you willing choose over the other? Why hurt someone’s feelings when both come with yummy iced beverages? My favorite was the coffee. I also purchased the Bangtan Bahn Mi, which was delicious.

Anyway, for Christmas, my friends, the McFeeley’s, made me an awesome game based on Crimes Against Humanity called Bangtang Against Humanity. They made all of the cards themselves and it’s a hoot. So I brought it along with me and a big group of us played a rousing game.

(My Hoseok standup may have made an appearance.)  Everyone agreed the McFeeleys were very clever and all wanted their own copy.

Once the crowd thinned out, (as we played a long time), it was time to have some fun with cut-outs. As what else are you supposed to do with possibly life-sized versions of BTS and a gaggle of new friends egging you on? First, we started out pretty tame. You know, the reg:

Then we got a little more….creative

JHope sipping from a Suga cup? Sure, why not? He seemed thursty.

V and LizC gave each other side-eye.

I was very surprised to hear what Yoongi and Hoseok were whispering about. Don’t ask, because I’m not going to tell!

Don’t worry, LizC and V soon made up.


Stuck between two biases what’s a girl to do?

Let’s not show favoritism in front of the boys! (Gah, my hair looked so bad. My only excuse is I have curly hair and I was wearing a hat. EVERYONE knows, if you have curly hair and you wear a hat, NEVER TAKE OFF THE HAT. At least until you’re in the safety of your own home. And even then only do it when you’re about to jump in the shower. There are RULES.)

Here’s a bouquet of Jungkooks for our friend, Ryan! Or you can try and look at it when all I see is LizC’s maniacal eye behind it. Fun. Was. Had.

Gosh, this whole thing was so much fun! The shop did a really great job. I will 1) absolutely be going to Vinh Xuong Bakery again as…yum! And I’ll definitely be trying to get more of these events into my schedule!


  • Reply DBChen February 26, 2020 at 12:37 am

    What does SOPE mean?

    • Reply Stephanie February 26, 2020 at 12:46 am

      LAUGH! Sorry about that, it’s a fandom pairing name for Yoongi and Hoseok.

      You might also see it as Yoonseok.

  • Reply SpiceAngel has February 27, 2020 at 8:41 am

    Too cute!!!

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