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Posted by Stephanie on February 29, 2020

KPop School

SaraG: Next Up is Leedo

SaraG: Just wait…he’s special. You’ve already noticed him. 

Stephanie: He comes up a lot

SaraG: That’s what she said. 

Stephanie: Hahahahahha Ravn, Seoho, Leedo


Stephanie: Is this Leedo The Tall?  Leedo The Tall of the Hip Wiggle?

SaraG: Nope. That’s Keonhee. 

Stephanie: BURN Keonhee the Tall of the Hip Wiggle.

SaraG: Leedo is the same as Ravn I believe…and of the hip wiggle. Leedo is hip wiggle. Leedo is….dreamy. 

Stephanie: Well, if he has that hip wiggle down, then yeah. 

SaraG: He’s the strong silent type. Like strong strong.

Stephanie: Tall and strong? And wiggly?

SaraG: He taught Jongho of ATEEZ – and of apple breaking fame – how to break a watermelon with his hands. 

Stephanie: No. Way. Hahahahhaha.

SaraG: Yes way. Ok, down to business.

SaraG: Leedo, his real name is Kim Gunhak and he’s a July 1997 baby…

Stephanie: Gunhak, interesting. He’s pretty.

SaraG: He’s intensely pretty.

Stephanie: that sounds like an awesome line one a business card. Kim Gunhak, intensely pretty.

SaraG: He’s 5’10 and very strong…their version of the bodybuilder.

Stephanie: He hides it well. He looks very narrow in that coat.


SaraG: He’s the main rapper and a vocalist. everyone in the group can sing. He’s the very deep-voiced, slower rapper… a super sexy sound. 

Stephanie: Interesting rapper and vocalist. He looks different in all of these photos. 

SaraG: Ravn was the same. Until you know him, he’s a bit of a chameleon. He reminds me of Kang Daniel in that way and yet, he never looks like the other members…ever.

Stephanie: He has an angular face and interesting eyes.

SaraG: His hobbies are working out and hating veggies…he’s a meat only kinda guy.

Stephanie: Unless he’s helping others break them apart? Such a boy. 

SaraG: Basically. His nickname is Caveman. Hahaha.

Stephanie: Because he won’t eat a veggie. EAT THE CARROT… eeeeaaaat it. 

SaraG: He seems ok without it.

SaraG: He was a YG trainee for a while and when he was let go, he got super depressed. He’s said that he had a terrible time trusting people during that time period. 

Stephanie: Poor egg! Don’t worry bunny, you had a good escape.

SaraG: But he’d met Ravn previously and when he was kind of lost in the wind, Ravn convinced him to audition for RBW. Remember from the Oneus lesson, he did some of the survival shows as an independent trainee and Ravn knew he’d be good at RBW.

Stephanie: INTERESTING. Come on buddy, be with me, all the cool kids are doing it. 

SaraG: He wasn’t wrong.

Stephanie: And then they ended up in a group together? Isn’t that great? Now that’s a kdrama!

SaraG: Awwwww… He also writes for the group, similar to Ravn. He’s fluent in English as well or at least ‘very good at English.

Stephanie: And really, that’s all you need for most tours (As apparently I now thnk in kpop tours)

SaraG: I REALLY want to stress that he has a deep voice.

Stephanie: Holy fudge, I did not hear that coming. 

SaraG: He gets really shy and flustered by being an idol. He often doesn’t know how to react. He reminds me of Baekho of Nu’est in that way…kind of just overwhelmed by the silly so he sits back and goes along for the ride.

Stephanie: He’s an uncomfortable watcher? With the hidden deep voice and long neck? Because I notice things. 


SaraG: Watch this…you can see his discomfort and his confusion at the end. Here’s a quick clip of him with the watermelon…

Stephanie: HAHAHHA Seoho continues to be so bad at this game. 

SaraG: Have you seen his face? Does it matter?

Stephanie: Laugh, that was quite the watermelon smash. LEEDO SMASH!

SaraG: HAHAHAHA. Seems accurate. Who are these two?

Stephanie: ONEUS BOYS!

SaraG: You’re Not Wrong. 



Stephanie: Looks like he has a deep voice. 

SaraG: How about this??


SaraG: CORRECT! This? 


SaraG: Clooose

Staphanie: Wait. Dang it. It was a trick


Stephanie: I thought it might but I tried to match the nose.

SaraG: It was a trick…no Leedo.

Stephanie: That’s what I thought dang it.

SaraG: ok…which three do you know?


SaraG: HAHAHAHA…. you can’t choose three for Leedo

Stephanie: I was thinking he was the one in the back…but way to not choose a single one correctly. 

SaraG: Keonhee

Stephanie: hahahhaha…hit me again. 

SaraG: So far you think everyone is Keonhee. 

Stephanie: Apparently I do. He’s the Wonwoo of ONEUS!



SaraG: I don’t know what that says








SaraG: That is correct. Two more. If you pick Keonhee, we will have words. We’ll do him tomorrow so you know better. 

Stephanie: I would like to take a moment to enjoy me getting Leedo right

SaraG: Correct…one more


SaraG: Close!!!

Stephanie: DUDE

SaraG: Seoho is the one that gives you some challenges. You fixed it fast. 

Stephanie: While I was waiting for you to answer I did that. I need to stop second-guessing myself

SaraG: Stop it. Now. Not worth it

Stephanie: I just didn’t remember him being that hot. Like in that photo he’s hooot–Plus bangs.

SaraG: He and Ravn are my potential biases. I can not choose, so I choose not to.

Stephanie: Solid plan. why if you don’t have to?

SaraG: Tomorrow, we shall do Keonhee.

SaraG: Only three more to go!

Stephanie: WONWOO!

SaraG: Please remember his actual name or you will confuse yourself.

Stephanie: I haven’t learned him yet. 

SaraG: But you will and you’ll imprint all weirdly

Stephanie: I will endeavor to know it tomorrow. Leedo deserves his day. 

SaraG: Oneus loves you.

Stephanie: And I am trying to love each of ONEUS. Pretty, pretty, and pretty so far

SaraG: They are all unreal so unique and special, I want to protect them all.

Stephanie: Put those boys in your pocket, feed them snacks….but not carrots….or you’ll make Leedo sad.

SaraG: Don’t be sad Leedo. You have not lived until you see Oneus crafting or trying to craft.


SaraG: I mean…Nu’est and ONEUS both craft a bunch. it’s a wreck. 

Stephanie: I MUST SEE!


SaraG: Seoho, Ravn, Leedo on your left. Leedo “can’t we just buy bracelets?”

Stephanie: I love the idea of him crafting in a leather collar….hahahahha.


Stephanie: Okay, well here is the rest of my evening. 

SaraG: Crafting idols? I don’t disapprove.

Stephanie: They are so diligent!

SaraG: They want to do it right!

Stephanie: Well, paper heart bracelets are very important. Now I want to make a paper heart bracelet. 

SaraG: Do it. for your desk. 

Stephanie: Poor Seoho! He is a terrible crafter!

SaraG: Ravn is terrible, Seoho did it for him. Ravn is me. Seoho is you. 

Stephanie: LAUGH. And I may have just found my new thing. Idols crafting. 

SaraG: It’s huge. I watch it a lot.

Stephanie: Fuck idols eating…Or idols sleeping…Or idols driving.

SaraG: So many good things. Ok, tomorrow, more ONEUS. 

Stephanie: TOMORROW!


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